Letter ID: 0893
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.222r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0893/008
Date: 26 December 1589
Copy of: 0229


Endorsed: To Master Secretary December 26. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 26 December To Master Secretary from Master Bodly

It may please your H. to understand, that sins the deliverie of my former letters to this bearer, who had no meanes to depart, by reason of the frost, I have dealth with the Generall states about the affaires of Ostend, and have advertised my LL. of their Answear, wherof I send your H. the copie, and of mine owne Proposition and Replie, which if your H. see requisit, I beseche yow to deliver. There was a motion made of late by Count Maurice, that there might be some fortification in the litle Ile of Biervliet adjoining to Walcheren, where it is founde by triall that the water there, uppon the coast of Flanders, bearing 14 /foot/ depth, will harbour at the lest 200 great shippes: whiche would be a fitte retrait for an other Spanishe Fleete, and also a commo- dious haven for many of the Enemies purposes in these contreis: considering that at Hendoncke and other frontier places on Flanders side, there may be artillerie planted, and sufficient blockhouses made for the savegard of their shippes. There hath bin good conference uppon it, and it is thought a needfull worke, but that they are trobled by whome the charge should be borne. Howbeit I thinke in the end it will falle to Zeland to disbourse the mony for the time, to be deducted afterwardes uppon their extraordinary contribu- tions. &c.