Letter ID: 0890
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.216r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0890/008
Date: 21 December 1589


Endorsed: Master Secretary December 21. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 21 December To Master Secretary from Master Bodly

What is intended by the Magistrats of Utrecht wee I cannot come to understand but they have resolved & the speeche goeth that they have putt yt already in execution to depose theyr 4 ministers or at the least 2 of them from theyr function. they have often attempted heertofore, but by intercession of the counsell of State they have forborn, yt is thought now the f[.] & such other as your H. hath understood heertofor to have bin banished the Towne do take an opportunity to bee revenged. the cause which they pretend of theyr proceeding is for that those ministers continew affected to Deventer & his faction for I thinke some of them of late have publickly noted the chiefe magistrat to bee of no religion in theyr sermons to the people, Count Maurice & the States of Holland have sent 2 other ministers of thes partes unto them to parsuade them to an atonement but there ys small hope of any good to theyr endevour, so as many men fear yt will prove a preparation to a great deale of furder trouble & in the end a defection to the Ennemy. December 21.