Letter ID: 0885
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.207r-208v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0885/008
Date: 08 December 1589
Note: The remains of the wax seal are still present on the address leaf. The lettertext is tightly packed into the top half of f.207r, with the signatures spread out over the lower half.



Addressed: To our Lovinge freind Thomas Bodley esquier, Councillor for her Majestie, with the estates generall of the United Provinces.

Endorsed: 8 December 89 from the Counsell touching rates of Monies in Holland and Zeland



Later Addition: Belgia 1589 8 December to Master Bodly

After our hartie Commendacions. Whereas her Majestie ys geven to understaund that the vallues of the moneys are of late undervallued in Holland the same beinge uttered at higher rates in Zealand then in Holland, where the money is paid to her Majesties Treasurer or his substitute, which should seeme to proceede from some newe placard published by the Estates of the Province of Holland: Forasmuch as her Majestie doth therby sustaine losse in the paymentes made to her forces servinge there by this alteracion and difference in the vallues of the moneys beinge Contrary to a Placard and Ordre taken by the Estates of Holland and Zealand upon like inconveniences in the time of the late Erle of Leycester Lieutenant generall of her Majesties forces there for the Course and valluacion of the severall pieces and speties of Currant moneys which was receaved and hetherto generally observed in all the United Provinces: her Majesties pleasure ys therfore that you shall deale with the Estates of those Provinces, and yf neede requyre with the Estates generall, letting them to understaund of the dislike her Majestie hath of this enhauncement of the moneys, wherby her Highnes susteyneth greate losse, and therfore to Requyre them to reduce againe the said Coynes to their former & like rates, and that they parmitt noe alteracion either in augmentinge or diminshinge the rates of the Currant moneys: Wherby great losse doth arryse to her Majestie and other inconvenience: Otherwyse you shall not lett to tell them plainely that her Majestie shalbe forced to drawe the said Forces out of Holland and other Provinces where the said moneys are undervallued, and to place them in the Townes where they were before in Garrison yf the said Estate of Holland shall not shewe them selves willing to refourme this abuse Contrary to an agreement and ordre heretofore taken in that behalfe: And in the meane time for the avoydinge of her Majesties losse yt ys ordered that the payment of the weekly lendinges shalbe stayed, which maie breede some inconvenience, unles the townes where they are nowe placed in Holland shall yeeld them contentment untill this matter maie receave some redresse: Soe pray- inge to be Carefull and use your best endevour herein we byd you hartely fare- well: From the Court at Richmande the 8th of December 1589 Your Lovinge Freindes Christopher Hatton: Chancellor Charles Howard James Croft Thomas Buckehurst Thomas Heneage Francis Walsyngham John Perrot John Fortescue

Later Addition: Master Bodley