Letter ID: 0883
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.199r-200v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0883/008
Date: 28 November 1589


Addressed: To my verie loving frend Master Thomas Bodley esquior Counsellor of estate for her Majestie in the united Provinces of the lowe Countries

Endorsed: 26 November 89 from Master Secretary


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 28 November To Master Bodly

Later Addition: Master Bodley

Sir, For answeare unto yor other letters you shall understand that first concerning the matter of Groninghen, it is greatlie to be feared that the same will take noe good effect, unlesse they of that Towne might see her majestie resol- ved to make her self [proprietarie] of those Countreies.

And touchinge the matche betweene the Counte Hollocke and the Countesse of Buren, the same hath ben subject to manie impedimentes, and therefore I doe not thincke that it will be so speedelie parfourmed as you seame to conceive.

And where you conceaive a hope of following of good Correspondence betweene yow the States and her majestie, It is greatlie to be doubted that as longe as some Carrnie swaye in that goverment, that there will not be that parfeck union om hich they will shortlie be put to a tryall, uppon the unfoldinge of such matters as the Lord of Buckhurst hath in Charge to imparte unto them. In the meane tyme you doe verie well in applying your self so dilligentlie in mayntayning the union

It is well liked here that the Hollanders are Contented to receave the Footecompanies into their Townes, without whose assistance all the worlde seeth that the said Townes would not longe be kept from the enemie.

And where you write that the goverment of Utrecht is like to be Conferred uppon Count Maurice, It is doubted that they of utrecht will [never] assent thereunto, for that they feare that they /he/ will induce them under the subjec- tion of them of Holland, which thinge rather then they will endure it is thought they will revolt to the enemie. And so I Comitt you to god From the Cort at Somersett house the 28th of November 1589 Your assured frend Francis Walsyngham