Letter ID: 0869
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.127r-128v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0869/008
Date: 27 September 1589



Endorsed: To my L. Treasuror September 27. 89.



Later Addition: Belgia 1589 27 September To the Lord Treasror From Master Bodly

Right honorable & my singular good Lord, to the purpose of tht mothion, in the behalf of Count Maurice, whereof I signifyed in my last to your L. there hath nothing bin imparted to mee. his late services have much augmented his credit, & yt is a generall opinion tht he will prove very valliant & wyse whereof he giveth in all his actions very manifest tokens. the Generall states have concluded & have delt to that effect with the Counsell of state that from this tyme forward, in the suparscription of theyr letters & other writinges they will give him the title of Hooghe gheboren voorst in lieu of Hoogh & wellgheboren Graeff which is high boren prince in place of highe & welboren Count which was his title heertofore. & in the Context of theyr writing for uwer liefden, your lovingnes they will use heeraffter Uwe Furslichte genaede your princely grace or els uwe Excellencie your excellency nevertheles they have bestowed no actuall dignity uppon him which makes many men to muse at this Hysteron Proteron. The Count doth continew very carefully his good usage of Sir Francis vere & the other English Captayns & souldiers & I may not omyt to advertyse your L. that Sir Francis Vere by meanes of his valler & good goverment hath won great reputation not onely with the Count but also with the common Capteynes & souldiers of both nations, & whether in processe of tyme yt be not likely to prove that conductors heer of meaner calling then such as heertofore have bin sent by her Majesty will better fytt wth the humor of this people I leave be consydered by your L. The good discipline & sufficiency of those English Captayenes that have served about Bommel hath bin highly comendyed by the Count & by others & in a generall assembly of the States & Counsell of State hath bin publickly declared how much the Country hath bin steeded that summer by hir Majestyes forces. It hath bin also signifyed to the State by Count Maurice, Count William, & Count Hohenloo, that they do not fynde in all the Provinces all [accounted] tht may conveniently be drawen into service above 800 footemen & 600 horse besides those of hir Majesties assistance whereuppon there hath bin a generall conference to sett a better order for keeping theyr Companies Complete & for the establishment of theyr whole state of warres, which when yt is parfitted I will send to your L. Count William hath recommended unto them an offer made by his father Count John, who promiseth that for a small pension to be distributed among such parsons, as he will specify unto them being gentlemen of his owne contrey about Dillembourgh they shalbe served wth 4 regimentes of footemen & 4 companies of horse [accounting] to every regitment of foote 3000 & to each companye of horse 1000 for which they are to disbourse yerely for a regiment of footemen 1500 rickes dollers & for 1000 horse 1000 dallers & they wilbe alwayes [[in a]] fol.127v
redynes to be employed in any service of the Contrey upon very short warning. Whether they will accept of the offer yt is not yet knowen, but they seeme at this present to herken willingly unto yt. & they have written to the Provinces to know theyr liking. Of the Enemyes proceding that is still confyrmed which I advertysed in my last to Master Secretary tht he hath left the siege of Huesden. some say thereuppon that his footmen are gon towardes Liege. & toward Luxembourg but 10 cornetes of horse towardes Berck. Which hath caused them heere to deale very earnestly with Sir Francis Vere to go with Count Newenar for the reliefe of the Towne, which is accorded & thei meet in Geldreland within these 2 dayes the Count with 600 horse & as many foote. Sir Francis wth 900 footemen & the horse Company of Sir Nicholas Parker wee have also intelligence tht some part of the Enemyes troupes are gon towarde Friseland. Of any passed into Fraunce we have no certayn advertisement. yt is rather generally thought tht the forces sent tht waye continew as yet uppon the fronteers expecting some aunswer from those of the League. the Deputyes from hence tht are to be sent in a Gratulatory Embassadge to the French Kinge are in redines to depart to wytt Lodovic Brederode a younger brother of the famely Sylla the pensioner of Amsterdame& La Preé there last agent in France there goeth also in company as from Count Maurice Justinus his brother. Astouching the fortifications of Oostend to such effect as Sir John Conway had written to your L. & I was willed by my LL. of the Counsell to move the states I have delt a great while synce but can have no other aunswer as yet but tht they will consider uppon yt & thus beseeching your L. to imparte these particulars with Master Secretary I take my humble leave. Hage 26 September 89.