Letter ID: 0866
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.117r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0866/008
Date: 15 September 1589


Endorsed: To Master Secretary September 15. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 15 September To Master Secretary from Master Bodly

It may please your Ho. since the departure of Passinat by whom I sent my last to your H. I have Rxd thes of the 17 of August by a serervant of Sir William Russell, & to the effect of that direction I Rxd I have moved the generall states for e release of Vasseur. & likewise touchingthe fortificacions of Ostend, whose answer I do daily expect to bothe propositions, & will retourne yt to your H. with all possible speed The Count & his companies being all yn the Littel ysle by Bommelor veerte & in great hazard to be [distrusted] by the Ennemy was forced to cutt the Dikes in divers places, which caused the Ennemy to retire in all haste. By advertisementes, which we have since, yt should seeme that he marcheth now towardes Nieumeghen, purposing ther to passe over the Wael which the Count will prevent by cutting a Dike & building a sconse at Ochten. These ar the last refuges of these countrys, which endommadge the Countrey people exceedingly: but yet the like hath bin don heertofore & the Domage in tyme may be [.]. It was concluded when I write my Last to your H. that the general states & the Counsell should kepe theyr assemblyes at Gorchum: which upon the Ennemies departure is now deferred, till yt may be understood what cowrse he will take Among other thinges yt was chiefly pretended that at Gorchum with the advise of Count Maurice, Count William, & other principall parsons they would take some generall resolution for establishing the regiment & st[a]te of theyr warres. The Count Newenar hath found the Ennemy so strong about Berck, that he would not venture his men to victuall the Towne: whereupon it is in Danger to be abandoned as touching the motion for dealing with these of Groenighen which I mentioned in my last & parsivall parmised to imparte with your H. I have had furder conference with some that knowe the nature of the place, the enflamation of the people, the best meanes to effect that desseigne, Among other I have understood of one Joose Van Cleve sometymes Burghmaster of Groenighen whose abod ys at Embden, a man of good discretion well affected to this cause & devoted to hir Ma[tyes service I have written an effectual lettre to him & I have sollicited others to do the like. I have also written to one Mentius a minister of Embden borne in Groenighen as I do heare of good giftes & gratious in those quarters: to them both to one purpose & by an expresse messenger one that is familiar with the parties & a carefull parson in such causes by whom & by my lettres I have lett them understand what hope I have conceaved by their by the informacion of some, that yf hir Majesty will take the towne of Groenighen in partection, the inhabitantes there wilbe easily induced to reject the Spaniard. I have bene earnest with them to send me word upon theyr knowledge how the state of thinges doth stande & whether yt be a notion that carieth any likelehode of successe & yf yt do to participate the matter with such of theyr friendes as they take to be secret & assured either in Groenighen or els where for I am certefyed that ther ar many of Groenighen that come often to Embden to celebrate the communion. One of their tymes being fol.117v
now at Mighelmas, in which respect I have also written a letter to be [.] & [directed] by the foresayd parties either to the magistrates of the Towne or the inhabitantes or to any others, or to be suppressed altogether yf they think yt fytt all that I do parmise them is that yf I fynde such pregnant matter & sufficient growndes as is requesyt in such cases I will acquaint hir Majesty with them presently not doubting but then hir Highnes will accept of theyr good wills & embrace the enterprise, And so far I thought in respect of winning tyme, that I might parceed with saffety & without any prejudice to any thing albeit I have had no direction from her Majestye. &c./