Letter ID: 0860
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.80r-80v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0860/008
Date: 12 August 1589


Endorsed: To Master Secretary August 12. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 12 August To Master Secretary

It maye please your H. there came letters this daye to the Councell heere, from the Depu- ties in England, who desire to be informed of all the forces that can be made in these Pro- vinces: wherof the collection will be made, and sent unto them. In the meane season it should seeme that they have reported to her Majestie of seven or eight thousand that may be brought into the field, and their Garrisons left provi- ded. But I have urged them heere to spe- cifie the nombers and places where they are: and by any reckning that they can make, they will hardly reache to 4000 in all. There are at this present with Count Maurice about Gorchum 2500 with the most: of which there are Inglishe, 200 from Ostend, 240 from Flushing, 160 from the Brill, and 150 from Berghen, besides two Cornets of horse of my L. Willughby and Sir William Russel, which are merve- lously weakned with these late services. The rest, I am well assured, will hardly make up 1500. Whiche is very neere half the nomber that can be drawen to service in these contreis. For the rest in effect are all with Count William in Frieseland, and in Schinckes sconces, whiche will scarely be founde by just account 2000.

The Enemie about Hoesden increa- seth his forces daily, and /which/ are not thought at this present to be so fewe as 10000 foote, and 3000 horse. Howbeit there is nothing yet attempted, against the towne. fol.80v
The Count intendeth to surprise a fort, whiche the Enemie hath over against Hemart, and is thought to be weake, and slenderly garded. If it take good effect, it will make very muche for the savegard of Holland. Monsieur de la Thuillerie the Frenche kinges Embassador hat had his audience heere: and his request is to have that promise, which was made to Monsieur du Fay, for the loane of 30000 crownes, uppon /condition/ that it were imploied to the levieng of men in Germany, and within the space of 6 monethes, to be enlarged to the summe of 50000 crownes,without condition of time, or prescription of the maner howe it should be imploied. What answear will be made, I can not yet under tand. I am given to under stand, that there is a Replie intended, and as it is thought, already begonne by Barne- velt and Aersens against my L. Willughby As touching those Articles to which your H hath so long expected the Generall states resolucion, I thinke this day or to morowe they send their letters and answear to her Majestie, and, as it seemeth, thos when their letters are gone, and not before, it will be imparted unto me. By this meanes, I can not doe that ser- vice, whiche is requisit, in dealing privatly heere, or in writing to your H. And if thei shall withhold it from me in that order, in my next I will advertise yow of it, and if yow shall judge it behoofull to taxe, in presence fol.81r
of their Deputies, their proposterous procee- ding, it may happely effect some good for hereafter.

At this Instant your H. of the 2 and of the 3 /of this [present]/ with the inclosed advertisments from Diepe, are come to my handes: for which I yeld your H. most humble thankes. For I am commonly advertised ne- ther truly, nor in time of suche occurrences: which notwithstanding steede me very muche for my better both credit and direction in many thinges heere, that tend to the furtherance of my service. Not- withstand the prowd cariage of /[late] both of/ them heere, and also there if those smalle helpes that this place doth affourd, doe not too muche deceave me, your H. neede not to suspect any wrong measure at their handes. For I can see no kinde of likelihood of any so great alienation in them. But doutles that which they have alwaies conceaved, doth nowe breake out to open declaration, uppon this comfortles returne from our Portugall service. [In margin: which is to speak in plaine tearmes to witte or thei thinke her Majestie will not, nor can not if she wold with any safetie to her self abandon these contreis. And whether they be not growen to this imagination, that /to proceede/ stoutly with her Majestie and to put her in feare of dea- ling with the Ennemie, if they shall /may/ not be assisted as they wold is the best course that they can take, I leave the judgement thereof to your H. but being]
It may be happely in my next I shall deliver your H a second cause /yow [some friller]/ of this their unaccustomed insolence.

The affection which they bear to the Ther is no dout but they doe affect the newe Frenche K but for certaine as I am persuaded is more in shewe then in hart, and more to drawe her Majestie forward, then /by offering some occasion of fear/ of [.], as /no doubt/ they are ready wold to proffer] to doe it /the like/ to any other Prince, that would feede their humors with the /with whome they /might serve to/ have any colour good coulor/ of indifference to seeme [.] to fall in treaty. and all best hope of assistance. And whether suche cogita- cions proceede not wholy of a special defect and weaknes in their judgements, I leave the censur to your H. and /thus I/ take my humble leave &c.