Letter ID: 0859
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.79r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0859/008
Date: 20 August 1589
Copy of: 0212


Endorsed: To Master Secretary August 20. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 20 August To Master Secretary from Master Bodly

Yt may please your H immediatly uppon the writing of my last which I sent from hence the 15 of this present we heare of the losse of the house of Heel where the souldiers being about the number of 200 were almost all either slayne or taken, whether by the Gouvernors treason, or for want of circumspection we ar not yet informed from the Count. But the Ennemy tooke yt soddainely by force, while the Governor & 20 others in his company were come without the forte & in parle, heerupon yt is generally thought that the Ennemy will bend all his forces to make a bridge to passe the Wael, either over against the house of Brakel. wher he hath alredy so planted his rtellery as no ship or boate can passe but in danger of shott & besides hath all thinges in a redynes that should serve for his bridge as this brearer who came newly from thens can signify more at large The Count Neuenar & the Count of Oversteyn ar written unto from hence to send 4 or 5 companies nowe to Count Maurice with which those that he hath alredy may make 2000 men. But yf the Ennemies purpose in making that bridge take effect, the losse of Bommel must follow of necessity & of all the places there adjoining & shortly after of Utrecht, & those other provinces which is all come uppon us through the losse of Gertrudenbergh for the Garrison there was alwaies able to hinder such attemptes of the Ennemy, nevertheles I am very well assured that yf any great extremity shall come upon the Countrey, they will exclaime very bitterly & by some mens instigation cast the fault uppon hir Majesty for withholding hir assistance not consydering as I have told the councell of State what forces they bare hir Majestie in hand at e making of e Contract t they would mainteyne for the field & how at this present being passed by the Ennemy they are not able in all as farr as I can learne by any inquiry both horse & foote [.] to raise 3000 men. Upon Rxt of the States resolucion which I sent your H. in my last for as much as they pretend to have sent the articles to theyre principals which I am parswaded is not don. I and Master Gilpin have thought yt behoofefull for her Majesties service to write particular lettres to the severall states of every Province to such effect as by the Coppy heerinclosed may appeare to your H. Yf the Articles have bin sent unto them yt wil serve to hasten the returne of theyr answers Yf they have not ben sent yet yt will be a meanes to give the Countrey to understand how her Majesty & they ar wronged by the sinister courses of theyre states men.