Letter ID: 0849
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.18r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0849/008
Date: 15 July 1589


Endorsed: lettre to Mr Secretary July 15. 89


Later Addition: 1589 15 July To Master Secretary

It my please your H. in my last of the 9 of this moneth, which I sent by Master Charles, I signifyed aswell to the L. of the Counsell as to your H. what asnwere I Rxd from the generall states, astouching those articles which were sent unto mee, & likewise in the cause of Vasseur to what effect I had delt with the Counsell of State who have synce resolved to write unto hir Majesty & to aunswer thes reasons which I proposed unto them, which I think wilbe don within 3 or 4 daies In the meane season I will seeke by all delayes to differ theyr proceeding till I heare from your H. Master Gilpin & I have jointly parused those particular notes which were sent unto mee by my Lordes, & because there are in oour opinions that which we fynde by continuall experience in conversation among them divers pointes of which some ar sufficiently provided for alredy, some are not practicable among them, & some others that will but minister occasyon of Jelousy & suspition & yet make very little for the weale & good of the countrey I thought under humble correction to recommend that which we had observed to your H. consyderacion, as also becaus ther ar sondry other very requesyt pointes to be added besydes, Master Gilpin & I will collect them together as they come to our myndes & send them unto you/ I have sent your H. herewith a copye of the sentence given at Utrecht against Deventer, which is as muche as I did ever look for at theyr handes, he ys out of pryson & gon to Collenborch to Coronell Bax his cousen germayne wherof of Barnevelt having notice signifiyed this daye to a servaunt of the Coronell, that he thought the counte of Collenborchwould not suffer such a man as Deventer to sojourne yn his Towne / & that yt were far better for him to Rx a garrison of English men; which he uttered very scuffingly agaynst the nation & with many malitious speeches agaynst the same poore man; whom yt seemeth he will parsecute further, yf he can come by any meanes, to lay handes upon him. How the state of all thinges stand with Sir Martin Schencke this bearer Master Underwood who is newly come from him can certify your H. he hath lately defeated 3 cornetes of the Ennemy & taken prisoners 100 men with 60 horse / The Ennemy doth encrease his forces about Hoesden & hath lately taken [yn] the Ile of Bommel the Houses of Brackel & Poieroyen & attempted with flatt bottome boates to passe the water about Heerwynen but was repulsed / Since yt is thought he ys marched towardes the house of Heel. In the mean season ther are letters gon from hens to Sir Martyn Schenck to lett him understand the daunger, wherein we stand in these quarters. fol.18v
& to require him to send hether some part of his forces for yf the Ennemy shall have passed the rivers yt is feared that Hoekelem, Asperen, Leerdam, Viannen & Collenborch wilbe lost & then afterwardes places of greater importance.