Letter ID: 0837
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.279r-280v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0837/008
Date: 10 June 1589
Copy of: 0191


Endorsed: Copie of a letter to my L. Treasurer June 10. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 10 June To my L Treasurer

It may please your L. I have heerwith sent a coppy of the generall states aunswear to that which I proposed in my L Willughbyes behalf. I am half of opinion that they will put me of with shiftes & delaies, & parfourme nothing in the end of that which is required. I do not doubt but your L. is advertized from flushing of the apprehending of Adrian Vasseur Sir William Russells secretary& what hath passed upon yt betwene the garrison & those of Middlebrough. The matter hath bin fully debated here in a full assembly of the generall states & the Counsell of state together, wherein yt hath bin resolved that seing he was taken out of the libertyes of flushing, & is a naturall borne subject of this countrey he ought to be proceeded against here nevertheles to avoyd all suspition of partiality yt was agreed that he should be removed from the States of Zeland to the Counsell of State& should be alwaies examined in my presence, or in the presence of some other minister of hir Majesty whereupon they requested me to write to the Lieutenenant governour of flushing that the Captaines there would surcease from using any violence or threatening the Inhabitantes of Middlborough. For myne owne parte I cannot parceave that any clause of the contract doth [favor] the garrison [yet] there clayme for [decideng ] the cause, In which respect as likewyse for that I [.] /sawe/ a greate discontentment towardes yf they should be resisted in this place in a matter of Justice, & becaus I cannot conjecture how the Captaines can stand upon theyr challenge in equity I have Joyned with the State heer & written to Master Borlas, & Master Errington that they would accept of such order as the States would set downe. I cannot omyt to acquaint your L. with a necessary point of this consultation offered in a speech delivered by Barnevelt in the behalf of the generall states, wherin the Counsell of State was required to write a lettre unto her Majestyes precisely signifyeng that unles her highnes would take order for the better governing of her people in thes countreyes, they should be foreced to publish to the world the whole course of all our actions from the beginning, so as all men shall see in what sort we have proroceeded in these countreyes, which for speciall respectes they have hetherto thought good fol.279v
to keep secret. This kynde of speech was utterly condemned by the counsell of State, who thought yt suffycient to wryte to the LL. of hir Majestyes Counsell, & to wryte with more good manner & regard of theyr dewty as will appere by theyr lettre already sent. Of such indignyties [offred] if I would signify as often as occasyons ar ministred I should comber your L. with many unpleasant lettres & advertismentes. And besydes yf hir Majesty would serve to take notice of them, & require the reparation of hir honor, I see that the humor here of some would wax more parvers & obstinate upon yt & not yeeld in the end to any honorable satisfaction In my voyadge homeward from Berghen I came by Dordrecht where I dealt with the magistrates about the release of Sir John Wingfieldes childe, wherin I found many difficultyes, especially for that Sir John Wingfield had passed a graunt under his hand (which they shewed me) that they should have the custody of the childe till the debt were answeryd, besydes other allegations wherewith yt is needles to troble your L. But in the end I obtayned so much that 12 Dayes after my depararture the child was set at liberty by publick sentence. The Ennemy is thought to bend his forces agaynst Blienbeck & Hoesen [albeyt a] store of rayne which hath bin heer of late hath caused him to retire from Housden. The Towne hath had a new supply of men & victuales so as yt is furnished with 1000 souldiors at the least & with victualls for all this summer, some outrages have bin comitted among those within the Towne which I think ar appeased. Much cattell hath bin caried away by the ennemy out of Bommels wieert, & 100 men which were sent by Coronell Baufore out of Bommell to skirmish with them were slayne. At Blienbyck ther ys nothing yet don by Sir Martyn Schencke for that the Count of Newenar & the count of Oversteyn by whose forces he was to be assisted have hetherto detracted the tyme & lost great opportunityes, & all upon pryvat displeasure & a littell [emulation], Ther ar sertayn gentlemen of fol.280r
Frieese that have raysed of late upon theyr owne charges 1600 footemen for some secret exployt under the conduct of one Clamet who hath promysed the States to Joyne himself fyrst with Sir Martin Schenck for the succour of Blienbeck where the nomber of our men alredy ar 2000 foote & 700 horse but the ennemy is farr stronger & not to be beaten but by some stratageme, which Schenck hath undertaken. Yt is told me for certayn by Count Maurice that Parma sendeth out of Artoys 3000 footemen & 800 horse to the ayd of the Leaguers.