Letter ID: 0824
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.200r-201v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0824/008
Date: 03 May 1589
Note: The address leaf, on a separate folio, is mostly missing. This is the enclosure of 0823.



Addressed: To [[.]] Th[[e .]] of th[[e .]] the [[.]] Coun[[. .]]

Endorsed: 3 May 1589 from hir Majesty



Later Addition: Belgia 1589 3 May To Master Bodly

By the Quene:

Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbelovid we greet you well. Where we have heretofore at sundrie times caused the States there to understand, that we had found the keping of Ostend to be more chargable unto us, then we minded to continue, aswell for the gret decaies of the fortificacions by breaches made by the Seas, as also by the often attemptes made to beseige it, And therfore did require them to have regard thereto, and to see the decaies repaired in convenient time, and to take the towne into their owne charge and defence; to which motions and warninges, we hetherto have had no direct answere, as your self partlie knoweth, and so also we are here directlie enformed by the lord Willoughbie that in Januarie last, he did deliver to them the coppie of our lettres written to him in that behalfe, and did require answere therto, but they onlie made answere to somme other part of that our lettre concerning their contentacion, for Sir /John/ Norrice to have somme nombres of fotemen and horsemen of our Army, without geving anie answere to the matter of Ostend, wherwith we have ben somewhat offended, with the lord Willoughbie, for neglecting of that matter by leving it unanswered. Nowe therfore you shall let them knowe how muche we do mislike to be thus used, in a matter of such importaunce to receave no maner of answere; And further you shall let them playnelie understand, that we minde not to continue suche a burthenous charge as this is, being also an extraordinarie matter for us to mayneteyne such a towne as this is, subject both to the rages of the Sea, and to the dailie attemptes of the Enemye, and therfore you shall require them to use no further delaie, but to take the towne into their owne government and defence, which doth properlie belonge to the generall States of the Provinces United, wherof that of Flaunders is one. And if they shall not presentlie geve ordre for the resuming therof unto their owne charge, you shall saie, that we shalbe compelled upon their refusall, to thinke of some other meanes to be quite of the charge, and to withdrawe our forces, and abandon the Towne, which we shalbe sorie to do, but yet we are excusable in reason, considering we have so many times notified this our purpose, and do nowe peremtorilie warne them of our resolucion. And if they shall upon conference with you, use somme allegacions, as that they are not able presentelie to take it into their charge, but that they will do their best to repaire it, or that they will herafter accept it, you shall allowe no suche delatorie answeres, but after your misliking fol.200v
& reproving of suche delaies, you shall require to have either somme better answere, or els an Act of their refusall, wheruppon we may with our honour abandon it and withdrawe our people, for so you shall resolutlie affirme that we minde to do, And of your doinges herin you shall speedelie send us answere. And yet so use all this matter in secrete maner, as the knowledge therof come not to the Ennemye before we may execute our resolucion. you shall remembre to the States, that they did agre when Sir John Norrice had obteyned leave to have the nombres of horsemen and footemen out of the Countrie that if in their absence there shold be any need of succours for want of them, then the States wold supplie for succouring of any place needfull. And of this also the lord Willoughbie did make mencion in Januarie last. so as either for Ostend or any other place that shall need of succoure we looke they will geve reasonable Ayde. And theis our lettres shalbe your sufficient warraunt and discharge in this behalfe. Geven under our Signett at our Pallaice of Westminster the third daie of May 1589 In the xxxith yeare of our Raign: