Letter ID: 0820
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.176r-177v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0820/008
Date: 29 April 1589
Note: This letter begins in Bodley's hand, and changes to a scribal hand three lines into fol. 176v,
Copy of: 0821


Endorsed: Copie of a letter to my L. Treasuror April 29. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 29 Aprill To my L Treasurer

It may please your L. It hath hapned since my last to your L. that three Cornets of horse, going out of Hoesden, to cut of a Convoy of the Ennemie, folowed their prey so farre, as in the retrait the Ennemie, being strong of 400 horse, and 500 footmen, sett uppon them in a streite passage, and killed a great part, taking al- most all the rest prisoners. The first on sett was given by Neus, the chief mutiner of Ger- trudenbergh. One of the cornets belonged to Count Maurice, an other to Villiers, and the third to Kintzky, being accounted the 3 best that we had. Their adventure is generally condemned, con- sidering the strength of the ennemie in every cor- ner of those quarters, and the want of footmen to succour them, or assurance of any retrait. So that nowe there are not left in these Provinces twice so many horses besides: and Hoesden is very muche weakned by it, having in it at this present but 600 men, wheras 1600 are thought with the fewest, for defense of the towne. Wherup- pon it is feared, that he will make thither out of hand: having brought to Langhestraet great stoare of artillerie. Moreover the dickes about Hemerts Weert, are in divers places dried up and passable, wherby it is in daunger, and then Bommel like to folowe: where the people are more then half discontented already. Also the ennemie hath taken very lately the Beeke, wherby Berche, and Blienbleeke are like to fall into their handes: and then after no dout he will towardes Arnham and Utrecht, where the people waver, and give manifest tokens, as if they sought an alteration. They of Rossendale, fol.176v
and Steenberghen have taken of late at one time at the Plate, uppon the passage between Holland and Zeland, six marchants shippes of this contrey. The duke causeth both at those 2 places & at Gertrudenbergh a great nomber of big boates to be made with which yt is feared he will so fill all that passage as hardly any ship shal passe without a chargeable convoy: which doutles will put this people in a great discontentment for want of theyr usuall traffique, Heer is order taken for remforcing of all their garrisons and for the levieng of 15 companies more, but they know not where to fynde souldiers: all men being weary of theyr hard enterteynment, in so much as certayn that were raysed of late at Dordrecht refused openly to take othe to the States, but onely to Count Maurice & the Towne of Dordrecht. The states ar buisied at this present in setting downe Instructions for theyr deputies which they send to hir Majestie, howbeyt they do keepe them so secret to them selves, as I cannot by any meanes learne what they are. But in private conference which I have had of late with Master Valcke I might proceave that the authority of hir Majesties general wilbe a special point of theyr charge: and it should seeme by his speeches that they will resolve to yeeld as much autority unto him as her Highnes will demaund. Wherupon I told him that it was demaunded alredy in the declaracion which I presented to the general States upon theyr new Instructions to the counsel of State. which did manifestly notifie the Generals autoritye. Against those Instructions of the States there hath no man heer at any tyme bin more earnest, then Master Valcke himself. And though both he & Loozen & many others ar of them selves very indiferent & dislike altogether of the course that is taken in many things heer, yet they will not dare to passe that commission that they shall receyve, which for ought I can perceave ys not like to be so ample, as were requesit. If your L. upon the presentacion of yt & of all theyr propositions, shal think good to send hether a Copy of them I will retourne a present aunswer & somewhat perhaps wilbe signified, wherof your L. may desire to be enformed. I might conjecture by Valck that they ar rather desirous to have a generall heer for hir Majesty then otherwise because they ar persuaded, they shall never otherwise be able to keepe hir Majesties people in any good disciplyne. as I see many tokens for myne owne part, to think them in a right opinion fol.177v
Ortels motion for an allowance to be made in mony in Lieu of hir Majesties forces, seemed by his talke to be disliked of heere, for that they never willed him from hence to proceed to that offer neyther do I Judge that they will harken unto yt, esteeming the very name & countenance of hir Majesties protection as greate a benefyt as the assistance yt self. yt appeared also by him that they will send two marchants to accompany theyr deputies & to deale in the matter of traffique. wherin he affirmed that they can make achount of more then three hundred thowsand poundes sterling that they ar the worse by England within thes fowr yeares. I do not think I told him that they can make that reconing sum: but I thought yt would be easy for hir Majesty to make evident demonstracion that the fournishing of the Ennemy out of these countryes with munition & other necassaries, hath bin an occasyon to hir highnes of spending twice as much as that somme & the principall occasyon of the prolongation of thes warres. &c. April 29. 89