Letter ID: 0819
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.175r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0819/008
Date: 27 April 1589


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 27 Aprill to Master Bodly

Sir I was dyrected to send this dys- patche unto you with as muche speed as I coold, and withall to order you you to send Master Gylpyn with her Majesties letters to the towne of Dorte and sooche other [travailes] as by you shall be thowght meet. The Last packet you sent me conteyned the lewd placarde and dyvers other things I have receyved and sent the same immedyatly to the L Thresuror for that I contynewe my absence from coorte. I lyke verry well /your/ advyce that the placard shoold rather be awntsweared by the L Wyllowby then by her Majestye. But to have yt not awnt- sweared at all were the least so as the states woold take order for the sup- pressing of the same according to theire motyves. Their ingratytude is great but yet [.] /seing/ we can not save owre selves from them without infy- nyte daynger their errors are to be wynked at for a tyme. The L of Buckehurst at his commyng /thither/ being an acceptable man unto the states shall I hope be able to reduce them to yeld to better conformytye then hetherto they have don. Yt may be that the dysgrace lately receyved thorroughe the Losse of Gertrud- vanborge wyll somewhat humble them selves and lead them to knowe ther errors. fol.175v
For seing Barnevelt the princypall Ryngleader amongest them begynneth to seyke sayle: I thinke the rest wyl[l] [stoope]. But when I looke into the Straung coorse they have held in publyshing the placarde after the Losse of the towne, therby to hazard the losse also of her Majestyes favor I knowe /not/ what to thinke of them but must conclude that with the losse of the towne they have also lost their wyttes.

Yt is meant that some order shall be taken owt of hand for the redresse of the dysorders reygning amongest owre martyall men that serve thos cuntryes.

Sooche advartycementes as I receyved presently owt of Fraunce from Depe I send you And so commyt you to the protectyon of the Almightye At the [coor] Barneelmes the 27th of Aprill 1589 Your assured frend Francis Walsyngham.