Letter ID: 0806
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.110r-111v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0806/008
Date: 16 March 1589


Addressed: To my verie Loving frend Master Thomas Bodelie Esquier, Counsellor in the Counsell of Estate of the United Provinces.

Endorsed: 16 Marche Anno 88 from my L. Treasorer.


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 Stilo Rom 16 March To Master Bodly

After my very harty Commendatiios. on fryday at night last the L. willoghby cam hyther to hir Majesty by who we first understood of the besegyng of Gartrudenbergh by the Count Morryce. which semed very straung. but the next day beyng yesterday your lettres of the 9 of [.] this month cam to me with ij Copyes of lettres from Serr John Wynkfeld to the Count Moryce wherby we found it fully confirmed. Wherof hir Majesty beyng informed, was greatly miscontented. fearyng that herby the town might revolt to the Enemy and besyde that though hir self not duly regarded, for that now of late Master Ortell in the name of the states had moved hir Majesty to yeld hir meanes and authorite to procure the Garrison to retorn to the obedience of the states, which she had granted, and lettres war wrytten for that purpooss and both to yow as hir Counsellor, and to the town it self but now hir Majesty fyndyng that courss altered, by this soddayn hazardouss action of the states. she hath at this present wrytten to yow, and also to the states. by your lettre yow shall parceave her Majestys desyre and by the Copy of hir lettre to the state yow shall also what she requireth of them, wishyng that the action be not ended by violent takyng of the town, or by revolt to the ennemy before these lettres can come to yow.

And so havyng no other matter to wryt of to yow at this present I end with my harty wishyng to you all good success in your service, and with my Commendations to Master Guilpyn whose sufficiency I do greatly allow. and so do all that know hym. From westminster 16 Marti 1588 Your Loving frend W Burghley