Letter ID: 0784
Reference: Longleat, MS Portland 1 f.135r-136v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0784/008
Date: 27 September 1589


Endorsed: Master Thomas Bodley


Later Addition: Bodley, Thomas 29 Sept 1589 To Ld Burghley? 27 September 1589

Right honorable, and my singular good Lorde, to the purpose of that motion, in the behalf of Count Maurice, wherof I signified in my last to your L. there hath nothing sins bin imparted unto me. His late services have much augmented his credit, and it is a generall opinion, that he will prove very valiant, and wise: Wherof he giveth in all his actions very manifest tokens. The Generall states have concluded, and have dealt to that effect with the Councell of state, that from this time forward, in the superscription of their letters, and other wri- tinges, they will give him the Title of Hoogh gleboren Voorst, in lieu of, Hoogh [.] Welgheboren Graeff, which is, Higheboren Prince, in place of, Highe and welboren Count, which was his title heretofore. And in the context of their writing for, uwer Liefden, your Lovingnes, they will use hereafter Uwe Furstliche genaede, your Princely Grace, or els, Uwe Excellencie Your Excellencie. Nevertheles they have bestowed no actuall dignitie uppon him, whiche maketh many men to muse at this Hysteron proteron. The Count doth continue very carefully his good usage of Sir Francis Vere, and the other Inglishe Capteins and sowldiers: and I may not omitte to advertise your L. that Sir Francis Vere by meanes of his valor and good government hath wonne great reputation not only with the Count, and the other Governors and statesmen heere, but also with the common captaines and souldiers of bothe nations. And whether in processe of time, it be not likely to prove, that con- ductors heere of meaner calling, then suche as here- tofore have bin sent from her Majestie will better fitte with the humour of this people, I leave to be consi- dered by your L. The good discipline and sufficiencie of those Inglishe companies fol.135v
that have served about Bommel, hath bin highly commended by the Count and others, and in a Gene- rall Assemblie of the states and of the Councell of state, it hath bin publickly declared howe muche the whole contrey hath bin steeded this sommer by her Majesties forces. It hath bin also signified to the state, by Count Maurice, Count Neuwenar, Count William, and Count Hohenloo, that they doe not finde in all the Provinces, all accounted that may conveniently be drawen into service, above 800 footmen and 600 horse, besides those of her Majesties assistance. Wheruppon there hath bin a generall conference, to sette a better /order/ for keeping their companies complete, and for the establishment of their whole state of warres: whiche, when it is perfitted, I will send to your L./ Count William hath recommended unto them an offer made by his father Count John, who promiseth that for a smalle pension, to be distributed to suche persons, as he will specifie unto them, being gentle- men of his owne contrey about Dillinbourgh, they shall be served with 4 Regiments of footmen, and 4 companies of horse, accounting to eche Regiment of foote 3000 and to eche company of horse a 1000 for which they are to disbourse yerely, for a Regiment of footemen 1500 rickes dallers, and for a 1000 horse 1000 dallers: and they will be alwaies in a readines to be imploied in any service of the contrey, uppon very short warning. Whether they will accept of this offer, it is not yet knowen: but they seeme at this present, to harcken willingly unto it, and they have written to the Provinces, to knowe their likinge. Of the Enemies proceedinges that is still confirmed, which I advertised in my last to Master Secretary, That he hath left the seige of Huesden fol.136r
Some say theruppon, that his footmen are gone to- wardes Liege, and towardes Luxenbourgh: but 10 Cornets of horse towardes Bercke. Which hath caused them heere to deale very earnestly with Sir Francis Vere to goe with Count Neuwenar, for the reliefe of that towne: which is accorded, and thei meete in Guelderland within these 2 daies. The Count with 600 horse, and as ma- ny foote: Sir Francis, with 900 footmen, and the horse company of Sir Nicholas Parker. We have also intelli- gence, that some part of the Enemies troupes are gone towardes Friseland. Of any passed into Fraunce, we have no certaine advertisement. It is rather ge- nerally thought, that the forces sent that way continue as yet uppon the frontiers, expecting some answear from those of the Ligue. The Deputies from hens, that are to be sent in a Gratulatorie Embassade to the French King, are in readines to depart, to witte, Lodovic Brederode a yonger brother of that familie, Sylla the pensioner of Amsterdame, and La Pree there last agent in Fraunce. There goeth also in company, as from Count Maurice, Justinius his brother.

Astouching the fortifications of Ostend, to suche effect, as Sir John Conway had written to your L. and I was willed by my LL. of the Councell to move the states, I have dealt a great while sins, but can receave no other answear as yet, but that they will consider uppon it. And thus beseching yor L. to impart these particulars with Master Secretary, I take my humble leave. From the Hage.September 27. 89 Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley