Letter ID: 0228
Reference: TNA, SP 84/35/287 f.286r-287v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0228/008
Date: 21 December 1589


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight, Principall secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 19 of December 1589 From Master Bodleigh at the Hage.

Later Addition: 21 December 89


It may please your H. presently after the writing of my former heerwith, the G[en]erall states being mette, I declared that unto them, whiche I was willed by my LL. of the Councell, con- erning Ostend: whereto I doe thinke by my next to send yow their answear.

At this present the Councell of state are in Treaty with the Generall states, to have their autoritie bothe more assured and enlarged unto them: for that at this instant we have advertisment, of three or fower Garrisons that refuse to yeld obedience to the Councels orders. Moreover the Councell hath written to the Provinces of Utrecht, Gelderland and Overissel, requiring eche of them to name three severall persons to the go- vernment of their Provinces of which according to the 24 Article of their Contract with her Majestie the Councell of state is to elect one. Whether they will resolve to have one Governor of all three Provinces, as they had in time past of Count Neuwenar, or a particular for eche, I can not yet perceave. It is certified from Strausbourgh by some of Trachses familie, to their frindes at the Hage, that there lye in those quarters in the Bishops territorie, Coronel Damp- martini with a charge of 1500 horse, and Monssieur de Lanti sonne to Coronel Lanti with 1800 foote: likewise Coronel Wambach with a regiment of Almans, and Coronel Frentz with 1500 horse, and a 1000 shotte, whose comming was daily there attended by the D of Lorraine, and pre- paration made to stoppe them of their passage. But those letters bearing date the 1 of December styl vet fol.286v
signifie that the troupes were ready to passe muster, and to depart immediately: whiche I thought to impart with your H. because it should seeme by the parties from whome and to whome it was written, to be a true certificat. And so I take my humble leave. From the Hage 19. 89 Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: Heere is certificat come, that part of the fort whiche the Enemie tooke from us by Rees, is caried away with water, whiche hath forced the Enemie to abandon it, and to retire into a Castell adjoining, leaving only behind a fewe boates with souldiers. But it is thought we may recover the place with force by water. For whiche they are busied heere at this present to take order. The towne of Bercke hath sent hither againe for some speedy advise to be taken for their further relief, whiche can not be fol.287r
[In margin: done by]
force of armes, but it is supposed that there be mar- chants of Collen, whiche may be induced to under- take to victuall it, wheruppon it is cosulted at this present. What is intended by the Magistrats of Utrecht, I can not come to un- derstand: But they have resolved, and the speeche goeth that they have put it already in execution, to depose their 4 ministers, or at the lest two of them from their function. They have often attempted it heeretofore, but by intercession of the Councell of state they have forboren. It is thought nowe that Floreistein, and suche others as your H. hath under- stoode heeretofore to have bin bannished the towne, doe take an opportunitie to be revenged. The cause whiche they pretend of their proceeding is, for that those ministers continew affected to Deventer and his faction. For I thinke some of them of late [both] /have/ publickly noted the chief magistrat to be of no religion, in their sermons to the people. Count Maurice and the states of Holland, have sent two other ministers of these partes unto them, to persuade them to an attonement. But there is smalle hope of any good by their endevors: so as many men feare it will prove a preparative to a great deale of further troble, and in the ende to a defection to the Enemie. December 21.