Letter ID: 0215
Reference: TNA, SP 84/34/144 f.139r-140v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0215/008
Date: 10 September 1589


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight, Principall Secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 10 September 1589 From Master Thomas Bodley.

Later Addition: 10 September 89


It may please your H since I writte the former whiche I send your H. heerewith, we have certaine in- telligence, that the Enemie is returned into Bommels Weert, with greater forces then before, having there al- ready, and in those quarters, not so fewe as 1300 Enseignes: of which, it is said, that he sendeth 48 Enseignes towardes Nieumeghen, there to passe the river, others towardes Frise, and the rest to be imploied in the siege of Hoesden, and in forcing a passage over the Wael. The Contrey heere is muche perplexed uppon this soddain returne of the Enemie, longing earnestly for the supplie of her Majesties forces, which I trust, the winde serving, ar- rived ether yesterday, or to day, at Flushing. They doe also sommon all suche souldiers, as lye scattered abroad in townes, and receave, as they terme it, Waertgelt, which is some litle portion of pay, uppon condition to be in readines, when the state heere shall require their service: of whiche kinde of souldiers, it is judged, that they may raise 8 Enseignes. It is further resolved, that the Generall states, and the Councell of state, shall remove from hens the 13 of this moneth, and hold their assemblies at Gorchum: where they may be able with more certaintie and speed, both to understand the Enemies attemptes, and give order for resistance. I am purposed to keepe in company with them, as thei doe also request me. But if occasion of service so require, I will move Master Gilpin (who is yet at Flushing) to remaine in this place: albeit I see no ne- cessitie as yet of the presence of ether of us heere, if all the rest shall depart. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. 10 September 89 Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley