Letter ID: 0211
Reference: TNA, SP 84/34/50 f.49r-50v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0211/008
Date: 15 August 1589
Copies: 0861 


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight, Principall Secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 15 Aug. 1589 Master Bodeley to my L Master Secretary. Copie of the states lettres to hir Majesty.

Later Addition: 15 August 89


It may please your H. this day the Generall states have sent me a copie of that letter to her Majestie wherein they resolve as touching the Articles: wherof I have also sent your H. the copie, as I re- ceaved it from them. Howbeit as I signified, in my last unto yow, their letter was sent away, at the lest five daies, before thei sent me the copie: to the end, no doute, that they might not be preven- ted by any note or advertisment that I might write uppon it from hens. I did alwaies stand in dout, that they had not sent it to their Principals, whiche is nowe very easy to be seen by the forme of their Answear: as likewise for that otherwise they would have signified the Answear of their Principals. But all their dealing is but dalliance, considering they might have answeared, as they doe, a great while sins, and not held her Majestie so long in suspense, in maters of suche moment, and that required suche speed. There is nothing more certaine, then that if they could obtene those first requestes, whiche their letter doth mention, they will never bring the Articlesinto Treaty. In my last I gave your H. to understand of the exceeding weake state of the forces of these contreis. Of a 1500 Flem- mishe, which I signified then, uppon report of the Coun- cell , to be with Count Maurice, I doe sins understand by a letter from the Count to the Councell that they were never more then a 1000 of which he made account to have sent 500 into Huesden. 500 But he hath sins understood, wherof he could not have notice but 5 daies after, by an espiall that came out of the towne, that there entred no more into the towne but 140 the rest being taken and killed by the Ennemie. So that there are nowe left of the Flemmishe companies with the Count 500 fol.49v
which together with the Inglishe may reache to 1300 which are all that are about Gorchum with Count Maurice. And by all the enquirie that I can make, there are very fewe more, then as many more, that can be spared from their Garrisons in all these Provinces. Unles it were 500 horse, or thereabout, which is all that they can make, and leave their places furnished, with some 100 more in all, besides the horse of the Inglishe. Whiche I was the willinger to signifie thus precisely, that your H. might observe howe muche her Majestie is wronged by the Deputies report. The Count doth send us worde, that the Ennemie hath sent of his forces towardes Heel, whiche he also writeth can not hold out any time, if it come to batterie.

The Frenche Embassador hath had no Answear as yet. But for ought I can perceave, they are willing enough to accord his request, if they knowe whiche way to make any mony. It is thought by some, that they will gather it abroade by the Pole, not by for- cing of any man, but by way of Benevolence. And thus referring your H. to that, which I have written further to my L. Treasuror, I take my humble leave. From the Hage. August 15. 89. Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: I am every day and earnestly solicited by the Inglish companies that served with Sir Martin Schincke, to become a sutor in their behalf, that in regard of the service, and of the travell and losse which they have sustened they might receave some extraordinary relief uppon their paiment. Sir John Poley writeth that of 120 horses which he caried fourth, there are scarcely 50 returned.