Letter ID: 0200
Reference: TNA, SP 84/33/181 f.193r-194v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0200/008
Date: 16 July 1589


Endorsed: 16 July 1589 From Master Bodley to Master Burlacy.

Later Addition: 16 July 89


Sir the enimy doth strike at the harte of theis countries: for he is come about Bommel, and hath taken the howses of Poieregen and Brakel, and attempted the passage of the wall of about Herwijren, albeit he hath failed of his purpose / But yet our forces are so slender and his doe so increase, as it is to be doubted wee can not holde out longe / Whereuppon, and for that it is apparaunt by sundry good advertismentes, that there is some enterprise intended by the Duke himselfe in person: both the general states, and the counsell of states are greatly perplexed, howe to make their partie good / For which cause, and for that I am assured it is her Majesties pleasure, that in any case of necessitie, the countrie shoulde be served of the Supernumerarie bandes in the Cautionarie towenes, I am to presse yow very earnestly for the present sending at the lest of twoo companies to their assistance./ It is not unlikely, but that yow are charged by the L governor to suffer no troopes to be drawen from your garrison: but yet I trust yow will consider, that the only cause of our coming hether is to doe the countrey some service, in makinge resistaunce to the common enymie / And seing the L. governor is absent from yow, and cannot so soone be made privie, as their necessitie dothe require, to the state of their affaires, I doo not doubt but yow will measure the charge which he hath given wth suche discresion and reason, as in cases of extremitie is requisite / For assure your selfe if other hap then good shall befall theis countries, for wante of succor from us, consideringe wee have to spare, and have our maintenaunce here upon the countrey allowaunce, no doubte the blame wilbe ours, and I knowe not howe in conscience wee can awnswer our dealinge / I trust yow will pardon my fol.181v
earnestnes herein, being urged unto it not onely by the states of theis provinces, but in regarde of my dutie to her Majestie and the imminent daunger which I see this countrey will incurre, if it be not relieved: the consideration whereof I doe leave unto yow, and betake yor endeavor to gods good direction. Hage July 16. 89 Yours ever assured Tho. Bodley

Postscript: The bearer hereof Master Matrut is a right honest man, and well affected to our nation: For which cause I pray yow intreat him courteously./