Letter ID: 0186
Reference: TNA, SP 84/32/257 f.257r-258v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0186/008
Date: 28 May 1589
Note: The signature is in the bottom right corner, with ink lines covering the space above. The impression of the seal remains on the address leaf.
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Later Addition: 28 May 89

Addressed: To the right honorable the Lordes and others of her Majesties most honorable privy Councell.

Endorsed: 28 May 1589 From Master Bodeley to their LL.


It may please your LL. to be advertised, that being at Berghen Up Zoome, your LL. letter written the 13 came to my handes the 22 of this moneth: wherunto by rea- son of mine absence from the place of residence of the Generall states, I have no meanes at this present, to make suche answear as is requisit. But I goe from hens to the Hage within these two daies, where I will not faile to folowe your LL. direction, and to presse them to deli- ver in writing the particular proofes of those generall accusations, whiche they have published in their Placcart against my L. Willughby. I doe assure my self that their Deputies in Englandhave had expresse charge to deale in those maters: and I knowe they were carefull before their departure, to gather all the infor- macions, that might make for their purpose. Howbeit uppon this occasion presented to deliver my opinion, Under humble correction of your LL. all the allegati- ons which I have heard them hitherto produce, are so slen- derly prooved, as for mine owne part I thinke my L. Willughby hath bin dishonorablely dealt withall by them For all this contrey doth knowe, and it hath bin openly and usually spoken in all places, that the only losse of Gertrudenberghwas the wilfulnes and passion of some fewe, who to couller afterwardes their unadvised en- terprise, and to prevent that the common people might not call them to account, published that Placcart wherof your LL make mention: and which I doe not dout but in conference with the Deputies, or by that which their generall assembly shall deliver unto me, yow will easely discover to be but a sinister practise, and full of unjust im- putacions in respect of any disloiall act wherwith my L. may be charged: the consideration wherof I leave to your LL wisdoms, and take my humble leave. From Berghen. May 28. 89 Your LL. most humble to commaund, Tho. Bodley