Letter ID: 0166
Reference: TNA, SP 84/32/55 f.55r-56v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0166/008
Date: 12 April 1589



Later Addition: 12 April 89

Endorsed: 12 Aprill 1589. Copie of her Majestieses lettres to Master Bodley, to deale with the States both generall & other for contentement & Satisfaction to those of Gertrudenberg/


By the Queene: Trusty and welbelovid, wee greete you well. Albeit you have of late receavid order from hence to deale with the States generall and others, for desisting from the violent course and proceeding lately attemptid against the Towne of Gertrudenberghe, and for compounding that matter, Yet because we heare not of such good succes therin as we looked for before this tyme (the importance therof being so great as it is we have thought good to renew that charge unto you, And to will and commaund you that with all speede you declare to the States generall the just cause we have to be greatly discontented with the disorderly proceedinges against that said Towne by reason of the rash & violent attempte lately made upon the same, Wherby they have brought it and a great parte of that Country in danger to fall into the Ennemyes handes. And /that/ thoughe they have made many complaintes against the souldiours and garrison of that Town, Yet hitherto we can not finde that the same hath ever bene proovid or Justified by any orderly proceeding, though the States have bene therunto required both by the Lord Willoughby and by your self allso, The souldioures lykewise on the other syde excusing themselves as having bene conformable to the treaty allowed & confirmid by the said States. We can not therfore but finde it very strange that without any tryall beforehand made, they wold without knowledge eyther to us or to our any our ministers there, enter into such a violent & extreame Course, the end and succes wherof may well declare upon what groundes the same was begon. Wherby they have not only given us just cause to be displesed but have allso openid such a gap to the advantage of the common Ennemy, as they w[.] could not have devised how to have given him a greater. The consideration of the consequence wherof, moovith us, to will you to deale allso heerin with the Counsell of State, and with the particuler townes adjoyning to Gertrudenbergh layeng before them such forcible reasons as your selfe may well conceave and alledge fol.55v
alledge to induce them to use all their best meanes for the preservation of the place, from the Ennemy, as a matter of most greate importance for their generall good, The advancement wherof, will in our opinion (which we grownde upon th'experyence that is now fallen out) be cheefly procured by satisfaction to be made to the souldiours and garrison of Gertrudenbergh, according to the Treaty /accord/ passed by the States generall with /for/ them, Which we have undertaken shall be /wherin we have promised by one/ parformid unto those of Gertrudenburghe as a matter that we think in all /here now written unto them of [.] (The copie wher of we send herewith) to deale/ reason and pollicy the States are bound unto, in respect of the notable /with the states generall for their contentment in all reason, wher not doubting but/ services heertofore don by that garrison, /for the respecte to [.] of their care of our honor they will not refuse us herein/ and of /besydes [t.]/ the danger that the States may see is imminent, in case they /those of Gertrudenberg/ should compound with the Ennemy, as you shall lett the said States understand we have so written to those of the sayd Town, & the copie of our lettres therin, you shall receave heerwith, for your better knowledge how to proceede.