Letter ID: 0161
Reference: TNA, SP 84/32/19 f.20r-21v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0161/008
Date: 07 April 1589


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight Principall secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 7th April 1589 From Master Bodeley

Later Addition: 7 April 89


It may please your H. I am often solicited by [cipher symbol for Sir Thomas Morgan] to geve him some assistaunce againste injurie of e Capteyns at are with him: wherin I will not faile in that degree that I am able. But I have bin told by this councell in open assembly that [cipher symbol for Lord Willoughby] hath a strong party in the towne, whiche will never be but pervers, and practise against him, unles thei be spoken to from whome. I doe not open the mater further, for that I thinke I may presume, that both yow knowe it from himself, and as your health shall permitt, will take some course to reforme it: whiche was never more necessary, then it is at this present: for that the ennemie waiteth for suche opportunities of domesticall discord. Astouching the siege of Gertrudenbergh, and the principall accidents, I assure my self that your H. is made acquainted by my L. Treasuror, and therfore desiring no- thing more earnestly of God, then your H. reco- very of your strength and welfare, I take my humble leave. From the Hage. April 7. 89 Your H most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley