Letter ID: 0128
Reference: TNA, SP 84/30/71 f.71r-72v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0128/008
Date: 11 January 1589


Addressed: To the right honorable the Lord Burghley, Lord highe Treasuror of England.

xi January 1588 Master Bodeley to my L from the Haghe./ His othe not taken, because he liked it not. A new treatis necessarie The meanes to bringe them to it. opinion of Aldegonds touchinge the meanes to be disbursed in lieu of men]

Later Addition: 11 January 88/9


Right honorable my singular good Lord, of that whiche I have imparted with Master Secretary I knowe therewill neede no rehersall to your L. being well assured that whatsoever is materiall for her Majesties service, your Honors will accept and communicat, if I write it unto either. Howbeit at this present, excepting the remembraunce of my humble duty, I have litle els to signifie: for that I am nether counsaillor as yet, nor no Counsaillor, but admitted by the Councell of state, and delaied by the states generall, untill I take suche an othe, as they have offered unto me, which is nether conformable to the Contract, and very prejudicall to her Majesties service: as I have de- clared to certaine Committies, whome they deputed this day to resort unto me, and to understand my exceptions. And it seemed by the conference be- tween us, that they doe finde their owne error, and will frame their othe to my contentment. Not in this thing alone, but in many other courses they proceede so peremptorely, and so flatt against the Treaty, and against the good liking of the Councell of state, as under correction it seemeth more then necessary, not only for these, but for other respectes not unknowen to your L to have a newe, and a more sufficient forme of contract established. Whiche happely nowe, the state of thinges considered, may be easely compassed: espe- cially if her Highnes shall calle home, and not suffer to returne againe hither, till an other Treaty be obtened, the 2000 foote, and 600 horse, whiche they have graunted Sir John Norris. But if it it be her Majesties pleasure, to have it brought to passe, I knowe it is but needeles, to trouble your L with declaring the meanes. Astouching the late fol.71v
motion, for a certaine summe of mony to be paied by the yere, and so her Highnes to be discharged of this assistance by contract, I have thought it unfitte before I be receaved into Councell, to deale with any counsaillor. Nevertheles at my being in Middel- burgh in familiar conference with Monsieur St Aldegonde, I found it was his opinion, that all thinges accoun- ted, the states would be able, with the loane of 50000li sterling to continew this warre, and stand in as full strength, as they doe at this present: alwaies provided, that the mony be not distributed among the Cities, but ketp together in a common purse, and in the custody of some speciall persons, to be still imploied uppon present necessities. And likewise for her Majesties better assurance, that there be a covenant from them, for the intertenment of certaine English companies. Thus muche I thought expedient to deliver your L. in respect of the person, and of his credit and judgement in this contrey state. wherewith cea- sing, and recommending my most dutifull af- fection and service to your L. I humbly take my Leave. From the Hage. January 11. 88. Your L. most humble to commaund, Tho. Bodley.