Letter ID: 0122
Reference: TNA, SP 84/30/32 f.32r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0122/008
Date: 03 January 1589


It may please your H. the post that brought your H. letters of the 19 and of the 21 of the last, I dispatched hens, two daies since. And I receaved this morning an ex- tract from Clarhaghe of the resolucion of the states of Utrecht for his deliverance, wherof I have sent your H heereinclosed the copie in French, whiche requireth him only to pay the charges of the prison, and to take an oth for not molesting any of the Burgeosie of Utricht, in respect of his impri- sonment. This being done, Count Meurs notwithstanding sent an other schedule unto him, to subscribe and signe before he could be released: wherein is contened, a con- fession of more then he was ever charged with all, and very dishonorable conditions, which he hath rejected and so continueth still in prison. Whereby it is evident that the Count, whatsoever he pretendeth to the contrary, is his greatest backfrinde. The conditions, by reason of the sod- daine departure of a scheveling boate, by which I send this letter, I have not the leasure to gett translated, and therfor send them in dutche. I am admitted by the states Generall, and by the Councell of state to Master Killigrewes rowme, but as I signified in my former, they can not well brooke Master Gilpin, and therfore stand somwhat precisely in debating, before they fall to deciding how they will receave him for an Interpretor. With Barnevelt, to whome your H. letter did seeme very wel- come, I have had suche conference, as my litle time heere would affourd, but not to any purpose, to write any thing of it. I was no sooner come to this towne but Count Maurice, who lieth yet sicke of a burning fever, sent of his gentleman to visit me: with whome I was after, and did [In margin: yt is to be dowbted that he goethe to take possession of somme frontyer towne in Frawnce in this tyme of Broyle. Cambray is to be feared for that he was a Ligueur.]
her Majesties commendacions, with other requisit complements. He told me this day, that for certaine the D of Parma mar -cheth with 4 companies, as they write from Andwerp, towardes Paris, but as he doth conjecture, to remaine about the frontiers. The conveing away to Berghen of Madame Merodes daughters, by Sir Thomas Morgan and Sir Thomas Knolles is muche misliked by the gentlemen heere, which Master Killigrew and I endevor where we come, to salve as we may. And thus I take mine humble leave of your H. From the Haghe. 3 January 88. Your H. most humbly bounden Thomas Bodley.