Letter ID: 1314
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D III f.319r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1314/008
Date: 27 December 1588



Later Addition: Belgia 1588 27 December to Master Bodley

Later Addition: Mr Bodley

Sir I send you herewith a lettre from her majestie to Capten Scheinckes /in/ aunswere to one of his, by the Coppie whereof you may perceave what her highnes hath aunswered him. The cheifest point is his desire to be employed in her service, which contayneth as much in true mea ning as it is conceaved, as in desire of some pension Exceding to the purpose of the lettre it is to be deliverid by an especiall messenger, which I pray yow make choise of with advise of Master Gilpin, so qualifyed as he may be well able to accompanie the delivery of the letter which such speaches as you shall give him direction and charge to deliver wch may be to this effect. That Concerning his sayd offer of service to her majestie she taketh it in most thankfull part, as by the letter he may perceave and would most willingly accept thereof were it not that she findeth the states there apt to conceave jalousies of [her] actions as by late experience she hathe founde. Which humour in this his particular would be especially nourished considering his and the [Ammand of Thules] late doinges in stopping the passage of the river whereby the [...] of Holland is impeached. Therefore untill the difference betweene him and the states shall be compounded her majestie did thinck more to put of the acceptation of his service. To suche effect you may give instruction to the partie whome you sende to direct his speaches in seconding her majesties letter, with farther good wordes interteyning him in expectation of future acceptationfol.319v
acceptation of his offer in case with honor on her H: part it may be conveniently donn. And whereas he may seeme to have just cause to direct the cowrse of his good offices and services to the states into a more hard and [displeasing] to them in respect of the hard unkind [acquittal] he hath receavid at their handes, yet for the Common causes sake and for his owne credict. and reputation her majestie woulde wishe him to continewe his good meaning towardes them and rather to overcome them with kindnes then by anie fault of theirs to take such a way as may ble- myshe all his former actions. what charge the messenger shalbe at I will see shalbe defrayed. And so I comytt you to god from the Cowrt at Rychmond the xxvijth of December 1588 Your verie loving frend Francis Walsyngham

Postscript: The letter dyrected to Shinke shoold have bene sente awaye by the last dyspatche but by neglygence was omitted and therfore the date wyll apeere to be owld.