Letter ID: 1313
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D III f.305r-306v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1313/008
Date: 06 December 1588


To th[...] verie [...]


Endorsed: 6 December 1588 Lettre from Master Secretary Wals:


Later Addition: Belgia. 1588 6 December to Master Bodley

Sir: I send you herewith a lettre to Counte Maurice and the states of Hollande written by one Master Adrian Garania a very honest and leaned preacher sometime Rector of the universitie of Leyden and nowe by my meanes resident upon a cure here in England. He desireth onely that a Wrongfull sentence pronounced against him by the Magistrates of Leyden may be reversed so that his creditt in his owne Countrey is greatly touched by their injurious proceadinges. And therefore I pray yow to presse the sayd Count and states to doe somewhat in the cause for that it is very hard measure, that a man of his desert shoulde sustyne so great a reproche without cause: a matter that greaveth him the more in respect of his inocency. For which purpose you may conferre with Master Gylpin what cowrse is to be taken. Whereby the states upon [true] informa- tion may be induced to repeale the former sentence Wherein I pray yow to doe your best indevor. And so doe bydd you hartely farewell From the Cowrt at Grenewhich the vjth of December 1588 Your assured frende Francis Walsyngham

Postscript: Master Adrians lettre to Count Maurice and the states was delivered unto you before your Departure from hence.