Letter ID: 0117
Reference: TNA, SP 84/29/152 f.152r-153v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0117/008
Date: 31 December 1588
Note: Next to the word 'interpreter' on f.152r, there are three tightly drawn lines in the margin.


To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight Principall secretary to her Majestie

Endorsed: 31 Dec: 1588 Master Thomas Bodleighe

Endorsed: Count Meurs his letters sent to his wyfe, himself beinge absent. Deventer, Clarhagh, Aysma, Leyden men & Skenk, written unto, to know what he shall doe in their causes. Skenk hath yelded up his castel to the D. of Cleve. Gilpin to be interpreter is thoght wilbe misliked. desireth Advertisements.


Endorsed: 31 December 88

It may please your H. I receaved yesternight your H. of the 19 and an other of the 21 of this present, with a letter from her Majestie to the Count de Meurs: who is gone towardes Arnham, with a 1000 footmen, and 600 horse. But I sent the letter this morning to Utrecht to the Countesse his wife, and the copie therof withall, with a letter unto her from my self, framing my style, as by conference heere, and by notice taken of her dispo- sition, I found very requisit. Likewise I have written to the Count, and to the chief Magistrat and Burgmasters of the towne, who, as I understand, beare the greatest sway in these proceedinges. I have putte the Count in minde of those wordes in his letter, qu'en cas qu' ils soient trouvez inculpables, q' selon le bon desir de votre Majeste seront remis en pleine liberté: which I have signified unto him her Highnes can not repute for any courtesie, considering if they should be found inculpable, extremitie of justice would affourd their deliverance. I have also written to Deventer him- self, and to Clarhaghe, to those of Leiden, Aisma and Schincke, to knowe what course I may best take, to effectuat their desires. Of Schincke it hath bin heere reported, albeit most men hold it untrue, that for 40000 dallers to himself, and 3 monethes pay to his souldiers, he hath yelded up his fort to the D. of Cleve who hath accepted him as Mareschall. In her Majesties letter unto the states, Master Gilpin is commended, unto them, as one that should assist me in the place of an Interpretor, which is feared by Master Killegrew, will occasion some scruple among them: for that it wilbe construed for a kinde of innovation, wherto they wilbe hardly drawen, because, as he saith, thei doe not greatly affect him. And by reason heerof in conference together, they thought it expedient, that I would stay my presentacion to the Councell, untill this day. Being incombred uppon this my first arri- vall with heapes of informations, and busines, I am forced to omitte many maters in answear to my pub- lick and privat instructions, untill a fitter opportunitie: fol.152v
wherof I am to request your H. best acceptance, as also of my humble thankes for your comfortable newes out of Fraunce. Contrary to expectation I doe finde by report that this towne is very barren of forraine intelligence and yet the chiefest persons very inquisitive: that if your H. will vouchesafe to cause some one of yours, as occurrence of consequence shall happen, to write it unto me, I hope to make it serve for the advauncement of my service, in that by imparting it heere, they will be more willing to communicat their advertisments and state of all thinges with me. Heere is newes from Andwerp of the K. of Poland his death by poison, and of the D. of Parma his provision to marche towardes Pa- ris for succor of the Liguers, wherewith and with other like newes I will not troble your H. till I see more likelihood, or understand greater certaintie. And so I take my humble leave. From the Haghe. December. 31. 88. Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley.