Letter ID: 0112
Reference: TNA, SP 84/29/81 f.81r-82v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0112/008
Date: 16 December 1588


To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight, Principall Secretary to her Majestie.


Endorsed: xvjth December 1588. From Master Thomas Bodley

Endorsed: Smal contentment given to her Majestie by the answere that Sir John Norrys hath from them. He meaneth to Urge them a freshe. Aldegondes state of life. What advertisement he giveth of the Governer of Utrecht./

It may please your H. the 5 of this present I arrived at Flushing, where I was forced by reason of sicknes, to remaine 6 daies: and then comming to Middlebourgh, was given to understand, that Sir John Norris was on the way hitherward: which caused me to stay for his comming, and for conference with him, about those pointes of his charge, as I am willed by her Majesties Instructions to solicit after his departure, in case the states shall not satisfie her Highnes requests. Howe litle satisfaction hath bin yelded, your H. may see by their answers in writing sent by Sir John Norris. Nevertheles I minde at the Hage to advise with Master Killegrew, howe to presse them againe, to a better consideracion of some speciall articles. During my aboade in this towne, I have /had/ some talke with Saint Aldegonde, who receaved your H. writing very kindly, and hath unfolded himself unto me more familiarly and freely, then I could expect uppon a first meeting. To seeming he desi- reth nothing more, then to justifie his doinges at Ant- werp, and to prove himself wronged in those com- mon reportes, that have bin spread of his sinister practises and speeches, against her Majesties proceedinges: With whiche I am utterly ignorant, howe justly he is charged: but suche is the affection of the common sort, as I can almoste meete with none in these quar- ters, Inglishe or other, that will affourd him a good worde. For ought I can perceave, he liveth at his house in reasonable good state, though very pri- vatly, and in outward apparaunce like a man out of hart: and yet, if the states would use him, I doe easely finde, that he is both willing and desirous: com- plaining notwithstanding of their careles proceeding in many affaires of great consequence. Among many examples he alleageth, that a great while since, both by letters and otherwise he sent them worde, that the Count Mannsfelt would besiege Wachtendoncke, wherof he had notice by sundrie good meanes, which was never respected fol.81v
till nowe at this present, when perhaps it may be to late. Moreover under benedicite, desiring to have his name concealed, he hath wished me to have an eye to the Count de Meurs in Utrecht, who as he is divers waies informed, hath had of late some secret in- telligence with Parma: and doth practise as he suspecteth the delivery up of the towne: whiche he hath bin induced to beleve, by divers good cons conjectures. In which respect, though perhaps in truth no suche mater be intended, I thinke it will be requisit for me at my comming to the Hage, to give suche warning to some of the states, as they may take theruppon a more vigilant course. Having nothing els, I humbly take my leave, with continuall praier for your H. prosperitie. From Middlebourgh. 16 December. 88. Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley.