Letter ID: 0100
Reference: TNA, SP 84/28/86 f.84r-85v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0100/008
Date: 20 November 1588
Note: A draft of the third and fourth articles of original instructions. There is no address leaf.
Copy of: 1307



Later Addition: Original in [... S] Walsinghams hand of the 4th & 5th Articles of Bodleys Instructions x

And whereas we have heretofore recomended unto the /sayd/ States generall

Coronell Shinke and dyvers others whereof you (of /bothe/ whose names /and causes/ you shall receyve partyculer informatyon from owre secretarye) whoe in steed of favor have receyved from them /verrye/ harde measure whereby they doe laye open unto the world there owne ingratytude towards us to no smaule towche of owre honor to see us had in a kynde of contempt by thos that are so infynytely bownd unto us as they are a matter so publyckely knowen as it needethe no debatyng Owre pleasure therefo is that you shall deale most earnestly with them in moving them to yeld us better contentement hereafter in this behalf then heretofore they have done as well for ther owne credyt fol.84v
which receyvethe no smaule blemyshe by this unkynde manner of dealeyng of thers towards us, as also of owre honor whoe may not /in no sort/ endure to suffer sooche as have been and are noted to standed well affected towards us so v injuryowsly handeled /by them/ as they are

espetyally the partyes by us /recommended/ having been men of best desert and sooche of whose servyce they have /moste/ need espectyally Coro- nell Shinke being for valour corrage and con duct and (accom- payned besydes with an extraordynary good fortune,) one of the rare men of this owre age

And to the end the reparatyon that we requyre in this behalfe may not be delayed /with some awntser in generall termes/ we thinke yt convenie[nt] that to you /should/ urge them to yelde ther partyculer awntswares to soo[che] requestes as have been heretofore recommended by us.

Amongest other things fyt to be reme[m] bred unto them you shall let them understand that we hearing that the States Generall doe oft tymes dissolve and that the Cownsell of estate have ther awthorytie so restrayned as they fol.85r
can not uppon sooche extraordynary [alteratyons] eventes as faule owt in thes cun- tryes full of perryll and daynger and requyre spedy resolutyon can not yeld that tymely remedye that were exstpedyent. And therfor[e] we thinke yt most convenient the enemye being /nowe/ so strong as hee is in the feald that you doe advyse them /in owre name/ eyther to contynewe there assem- blyes or ells to inlarge the awthorytye of the cownsell of estate wherby But before you deale herein we woold have you partycularly informe your selve bothe by owre sarvaunt Henry Kyllygre and others /of the cownsell of estate that/ you shall /learne/ by him to being of be men of best judge- ment and best affected to the good of thos contryes what were fyt in partycularytyes to be urged in owre name in that behalf to the ende you may proceade therein with the better effect