Letter ID: 0091
Reference: TNA, SP 84/27/224 f.220r-221v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0091/008
Date: 23 November 1588
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Copy of: 1309



Later Addition: 23 November 1588 cf SP Holland XXVIII f.88 Cotton Galba D III f.280

Later Addition: 1588

Memoriall for Thomas Bodley Esquier, being sent into the lowe Contryes to resyde there as Counsailor of State.

Whereas there were presented unto her Majestie in Februarie last certain requestes on the behalfe of the States generall of the unyted Provinces by Master Ortell their Agent whereunto by her Majesties especiall direction there was particuler answer, made by us unto theire severall requestes wherewith the States doe not rest

Later Addition: WB

satysfied: It ys thought meete for that Sir John Norris was directed by her Majesties Instructions given unto him to let the States understand that they should receave furder answer touching the said requestes by you, that you should goe thorowlie instructed howe to answer the same, in soche sorte as they ought in reason to rest satysfied with all./

First the matter of sarvice monie, as for turfe candles and other allowaunces which hathe by them ben furnished unto the extraordinarie Bands garrysioned in the two Cautionarie Townes, for which they desier that paiment maie be made unto them and soche order to be taken as they maie be eased hereafter of these chardges for that they fall owt (by reason of these extraordinarie nombers, to be more chardgable unto them as they alleadge, then the whole paie was wonte to ryse unto when they kept the said Townes in theire owne handes; with a furder request also that they maie be allowed soche sommes of monny as they have dysboursed bothe to the sayd Garrysons and other her Majesties subjects servinge in those Contryes For the firste touchinge the sarvice monie, you shall let them understand that for as moche as those extraordinarie bands so placed in the Cawtionary townes beinge parcell of the assistaunce which her majestie by vertue of her contracte hathe ben pleased to yeelde them for their relefe, Yf they had not ben placed in the said cautionarie townes, yet muste they of necessitie have ben placed in som other townes where they should have receaved lyke allowaunces in every respect./

And therefore as yt hathe ben heretofore answered, it maie by with reason maintayned that those other townes which by this meane have ben freed and where they should have otherwise ben placed should be contributaries unto the Cautionarie townes for the same And fol.220v
yf they replie, as yt is lykelie they will, that yf those bandes had ben placed in other frontrie townes where the Countrye might have reaped benefitt by their sarvice they would have ben contented to have borne theire chardge; It maie be answered that consideringe the Duke of Parma hath now well neere a yeere & a half ben continuallie in Flanders with intente as yt was thought to have attempted some what upon the Islandes or upon Ostende or Berghen as now yt falleth out in parte true, they could not have ben more aptlie placed in any other towne where they might so readily ben drawen out to sarve uppon any occasion duringe his continewaunce there then in Flussinge; with which answer yf they shall not rest satysfied, you may then let them understand that an other cheefe cause whie those extraordinarie bands were first placed there grewe upon the Count Hollockes drawinge downe of certaine forces into the Isle of Walkeren with intend as the Gouvernor of Flussinge was enformed to have surprised certaine townes in the Islande, and not with owt great and apparaunt suspicion of somwhat to have ben attempted upon the towne of Flussinge yf he hath prevailed in the first plott: which her majestie had the rather cause to doubt in respect of the strange carryage of him selfe towardes the Earle of Leycester then Gouvernor of those Countryes at the time of his laste beinge in the said Contries But now these Jelosies and doubtes beinge removed and taken awaye and that her majestie ys sufficiently parswaded of theire constancie, goodwill and devotion towardes her; their shall shortlie order be given that the garrysons of those townes shalbe reduced to theire former nombers agreed upon by the contracte, so as they shall have no juste cause to complaine further in that behalf. And for soche other monye for imprestes or victuaelles which they have furnished or hathe any waie ben yssued out of their Magazyns, to the said garrisons or other her majesties Subjects in her paie the same shalbe defalked and repaid unto them after an accompt shalbe passed betweene her majestie and them: But for soche sommes of money and other chardged as have ben by them disbursed to certaine extraordina -ry bands which were in their owne paie beinge no parcell of the numbers contained in the contract, her majestie seeth no reason consideringe the manyfolde chardges she hathe ben otherwise at for their defence that they should seeke to be rembursed thereof at her highnes handes.

And for that they desier that order maie be taken that the bandes in her majesties paie maie be kept full and compleate, youe shall let them fol.221r
understande that for the footebandes (as her majestie ys enformed by the commissarie[s] of musters) they have none cause to complaine of there difects: And for the horsbandes for that her highnes cannot convenientlie spare soche nombers of horse out of this Realme as are requisite to make up the full nomber agreed uppon by the Contracte, she caused an offer to be made unto them to supplie certaine bandes of horse whiche double so many Footemen, whiche as her majestie conceaveth cannot but be more beneficiall for theire service consideringe they stande uppon a defensive warre, But herein her majestie hathe not hetherto receaved any direct answer from them in this behalfe not with standinge they have ben sollicited bothe by the Lorde Willoughbie and master Killegrewe and alsoo Ortell made acquainted therewith so as the let thereof groweth by their defaulte./

And where they complaine that they are not made privie nether to the musters taken of the said bandes neither yet at the paimentes made by the Treasorer as by the contracte therein ought to be so as they beinge ignorant of theire owne estate, and what forces they are hable to make cannot provide soch supplies as were requisite for their defence, youe maye tell them that they have ben sondrie times required aswell by master Thomas Digges the late muster mastar, as also by his Brother James Digges now principall Comissarye of the Musters to sende their Comissaries to joyne with them in musteringe the said bandes, but as the saide Digges dothe affirme the States have failed to send any at the tymes appointed to joyne with owrs: But yf they shall lyke henceforthe to appoint some Commissaries of theires to joyne with her majesties ministers, there shalbe order given unto them to give notyce to theire Commissaries of the time when the saide musters shalbe taken And to the ende yt maye be parformed, you shall put the Lorde generall in mynde to direct her majesties Commissaries so to doe./

Touchinge theire other requestes that the Gouvernor of the cautionary townes mighte be inhibited to entermeddle henceforthe in matters of Civill government concerninge the admynistra- tion of Justice & the ordinarie pollycie in the said Townes, as also to forbeare to deale in any matters concerninge theire Admiral[s] Jurysdiction, you shall at your arryvall att Flussinge and so lykewise at the Bryll as you passe up to the Haghe signifie unto the saide Gouvernors that her Majesties pleasure is that they forbeare fol.221v

Later Addition: 1588 Holland

hencforthe to deale any further in any of those Civill causes, or causes partayninge to admyrall Jurisdiction otherwise then as ys agreed uppon in the contract passed betweene her Majestie and the said Contries, unlesse yt shalbe in soche causes of controversie as may happen to fall out betweene some Souldiers of the garryson and some of the Burgesses of the said townes, at the decydinge whereof to the ende the matters maybe carryed with the more indyfferencie betweene them, It ys thought convenient that the Governor of the towne where any controversie shall fall out or the Sergeant Major or some other dyscreete to be appointed by the said gouvernor should be present at the hearinge and decydinge of any soche Controversie./

Later Addition: 1637

And where they desier that the Captaines and Souldiers in her Majesties paie maye duly paie the excyses and other imposicions aswell as the Souldiers which serve in theire paie. You shall let them understande that yt ys thought some what harde that they should insyste in soe precyse a sorte in exactinge soche imposicions of those whoe daily hazard theire lives in theire defence as to make no dyfference betweene them and the naturall borne subjects of that Countrie, whoe either have their livinges there, or are otherwise releived, havinge sondri[e] other helpes many other wayes, whereas her majesties subjects beinge meere strangers cann have no other releefe or helpe then what they have for theire ready monye and the same at verie highe prices by reason of the Lycences graunted by them to carry victuaelles to the Ennemy. And therefore yt is thought reasonable that they shoulde yeelde unto some favorable tolleracion in that behalfe