Letter ID: 0076
Reference: TNA, SP 78/18/110 f.226r-227v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0076/008
Date: May 1588
Note: Bodley's report on the King of France's answer to a message from Queen Elizabeth.



Endorsed: The Substance of the Frenche Kinges answeare to Master Bodleyes message May 1588.

The effect of the K. answear was, that he found more kindnes in his good sister the Q. of England then in all the Princes his frindes and allies besides, in that is pleased her to send so carefully and circum- spectly to him, in his troblesome state: which was no newes unto him, for that her proceedinges heretofore had alwaies bin suche. And for his owne part he would endevour to deserve it, withall maner of princely and brotherly correspondence, whensoever and as often as the occasion is presented. He could never thanke her sufficiently, in that it pleased her to take part of his grief, uppon that accident of Paris, which was so great sometimes as it made the teares in his eies. Howbeit he was not the first Kinge that had bin so in- treated in Fraunce or els where: and for his owne part made no dout, but God would so assist him in his just cause, as the shame of all in the end should falle uppon themselves. And as for those particular offers of succor and helpe, which his good sister made unto him, he were to be accounted the most ungrate- full man that liveth, if he should not esteeme them as singular courtesies. Nevertheles a great nomber of his owne good subjectes as well nobles as others had bin with him, and offered their service with suche ready good will and devotion, as he made no dout but with his owne forces and power to be able suffi- ciently to chastise his ennemies: and in the end the world should perceave, that he would not putt up un- revenged so manifest indignities.