Letter ID: 1324
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Julius F VI f.68r
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1324/008
Date: 27 April 1585
Note: An extract of instructions for Bodley. It is tightly compacted into the top quarter of the folio, with wide margins.


1585 Instructions to Master Thomas Bodley. 27 April.

It is thought convenient that you take some apte oportunitie to let the K. of Denmarke understand that it behoveth him par- ticularly to looke to the greatnes of the house of Lorreyn for that they pretend tytle to the kingdome of Denmarke which they they doe not lett to vaunt of, as of late yeares a favorer of that house after the death of the late Duches of Lorreyne being desierous to have made a match betwene the said Duke and hir Majestie did amongest other thinges to advaunce his greatnes sett downe his title to the kingdome of Denmarke.