Letter ID: 1108
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.47r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1108/008
Date: 31 May 1585



Later Addition: 31 May

Right honorable & my singular good Lorde, my duty first [re-] membred in most humble maner. It maye stande with your L. good favor to be advertised, that these affaires of her Majestie whic[h] I am heere to solicite, were in forward state to spede well, if the Duke of Brunswicke alone had the maneging of matte[rs.] For he promiseth as muche as her Majestie doth require: but I see the Elector of Saxonie, hath a negative voice in all thing[s] that the rest without him, will take no enterprise in hand, & he without the Emperor, whome he feareth but too muche, will hardly be persuaded to take any thing of moment. The D. of Brunswick hath sent him her Majesties letters, & withall he him self hath written to good purpose: as your L. maye perceave by the copie of his letter, whiche I have sent to master Secretar[y] And if that be weakely written, he will urge him in an other with more forceable reasons. Wherof & of all this action, a bette[r] successe might happely ensewe, as the D. himself hath often sa[id] if it were not so late before we sette forwarde. I can not knowe in this countrey, what forces have bin levied for the Guise or any other: but I sent a note to Master Secretary of 780[0] horsemen, whiche were most out of Saxonie, & all for the Guis[e] as is thought in these quarters, albeit the report was give[n] out, that they were for her Majestie. They talke in some place[s] of a great many more, but I thinke of those the most part ar[e] past the Rhine a great while since. The D. of Brunswic[ke] hath caused many to be staied, and likewise the Elector of Br[an] deburgh & the Lantgrave of Hesse. In the D. of Brunswicke[s] court I was very honorabley intertened: but there was litle [to] be learned of the affaires of other places: for other court[iers] then those of his councel, & his ordinarie servaunts there were none to conferre withall: & of them the most part, knowe so litle as is wonderfull. I am nowe come to Lubecke and ex- pect but a winde toe carie me for Denmarke: from whence I turne againe for Brunswicke, to receave some answear from the Electors & the Lantgrave of Hesse. Of my whole proceeding in this ca[use] because I have written all at large to Master Secretary, I [will] [not ...] your L. with a tedious repetition. About Mi[...] fol.47v
shall marie the second daughter of the Duke of Saxonie. It is t[hought] the Kinge of Denmarke, and the chiefest Princes of Germany [will] mete together at the mariage. Perhaps your L. hath for[got] that yow mentioned unto me certaine /of/ gammons bacon: but yet I am not come, where the best are to be had: but there I [pur] pose to be homewardes, and to yelde your L. humble thank[s] if they maye be accepted, as I doe continually withall hum[ble] duty for her Majesties service, which I obtened by your L. besechi[ng] God most instantly, to increase your happines in honor to y[our] L. owne desire, & greatest contentation. Lube[ck] 1585. Maye 31. Yor L. most humbly bounden. Tho. Bodley.