Letter ID: 0611
Reference: TNA, SP 75/1/54 f.125r-126v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0611/008
Date: 23 June 1585



Endorsed: 23 June 1585 [ML] to Master Bodley

Sir I have receaved your twoo lettres the one dated at Hambrow the other at Lubeck. Her majestie dothe very well like of your wise and discret ... manner of proceedinge in your the Course of your negotiacion. and is very glad that the Duke of Brunswick professeth to Carry so good a disposition towardes her, not doubting but that yow shall finde an greater forwardnes in the K. of Denmark from whome there is Latelie arrive Come a gentleman to visit here, who bringeth the gretest offers of goodwill and frendship towardes her as may be Her majestie meaneth shortelie to dispatch some parsone of quallitie to the Princes of Germany at the assemblie at Halberstat with direc- tion to receave his Light and instruction from the D. of Brunsw[ick] By lettres rx yesterday owt of Fraunce we here that the K and the Ligueiors are nowe agreed amongst them selves, as I did even gesse they would: due to the ruine and overthrowe of those of the relligion, against whome they have conspired so joinctly to bende their whole forces, giving them six monethes respit to bethinck them selves whether they will forsake their relligion or otherwise abide such extremitie ar [.] light uppone them for refusing the same.

Her majestie purposeth for her parte to sende presently a convenient messinger proportion of treasure into Germany by her minist[ers] that as now to repaier thether who I hope wilbe redie to embarque by thende of this moneth in company of monsieur de Segure a servant of the K. of Navarre. and it will allso behove the Princes of Germany for their parte to have nowe some extraordinary care of the relieving of the K of Navarre, considering what extremitie thinges are like to growe unto.

Her majesties pleasure is yow shall attende at Hambrowgh the Coming of hir said minister And so I comit yow to god. Courte the 23 of June 1585

Postscript: Master John Norris is presently to be dispatched into the lowe contreis with 3000 footmen and 200 horse.

The Commissioners are not yet come but have bin twice or [but] thrice at sea & still put back by contrary windes.