Letter ID: 0084
Reference: TNA, SP 81/3/79 f.204r-205v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0084/008
Date: 27 July 1585



Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight, Principall Se[cre]tary to her Majestie & one of her Highnes most honorable privy counsail.


Endorsed: 27 July 1585 From Master Bodleye.

Right honorable, not at any time forgetting my most dutifull affection, & bounden service to your H. & not altogether trusting to the safe deliverie of my last, whiche I sent yow from hens, the 17 of this moneth: I thought to signifie againe, that when I came from Hambourgh to Wolfenbeitel, the Duke was gone in progresse, to take possession of the lande of D. Erricke deceased. Notwithstanding, having notice both from me, & from his Counsailors, that I was come for mine answear: he sent me worde backe againe, that the Electors answear was not suche, as did fully content him, & therfore was desirous, that I should stay heere at Brunswicke, untill his comminge to Wolfenbeitel, about the end of this moneth. For by that time he thought, to receave somwhat els, to his better satisfaction.

If he had sent me a copie of the first, I should have waited for the next, with a farre better liking. But because when I came I found him not at home, & none of his counsail instructed what to tell me, nor nothing signified unto me, howe the Electors were affected, I see no great occasion, to like of this delai- enge.

In my other before, I writte more at large, of every particular but of nothing in suche sort, as was I desired, & was nedefull, if I reposed any trust, in any messenger from hens. I was putte then in hope, that Andreas Pauli had brought an answear from the Electors. But I have talked with him sins, & had his letter to Sir Philip, whiche I thinke doth insinuat, some part of his opinion.

It is nowe reported in this towne, that the D. is looked for to morowe at Wolfenbeitell: whiche I trust will occasion my shorter dispatche. And againe this present daye, the Circle of Lowe Saxonie, beginneth at Halberstat: where I hope he will take order, that her Majesties advises shalbe publikly pro- posed: as I have dealt in that respect, with some of those de- puties, that are in that assemblie, of principall autoritie. And if any thing, at any time, will ever be obtened, this newe conjunction nowe in Fraunce, is a great provocation. fol.204v
I am infourmed, that the K. of Denmarke is come to Mekel- bourgh, & purposeth further (as many men conjecture to mete with some of these Princes) wherof I writte what I heard, in my former from Hambourgh. And though these affaires so expedient, be not handled among them, yet I learne of som- what els, that both is very pertinent, and doth touche them very neere, and is a speciall occasion of their meeting at this time.

If I see any slacknes, when I come to the Duke, I will spare no importunitie, that maye advantage my buisnes: & if time & place be convenient, I will write to Kaas or Ramelius, to putte the Kinge in remembraunce.

The Sondaye before Michaelmas daye, the mariage betwene the Bishop of Halberstat, & the D. of Saxonies daughter, is solemnised at Wolfenbeitel, with suche provision & expense to the D. of Brunswicke, as its every way more, then wil[l] be easely beleved.

As heere I am advertised, the Emperor by his letters hath committed all matters, betwixt the two brethren of Est Friselande, to be arbitrated & accorded by the D. of Saxonie, The D. of Brunswicke & the D. of Holst: and an ende to be made before they part from the mariage.

Joannes third sonne to the D. of Holst, being 12 yeres of age, & brought up with his uncle the Lantgrave of Hesse, was chosen Archbishop of Breme the 12 of this moneth.

About 5 weekes since the Duchesse of Prusse, was delivered of a sonne. Wherewith I end at this present, commen- ding my proceedinges to your favorable protection, & your honorable estate, to be preserved by God in continuall feli- citie. Brunswicke. 1585. Julij 27. Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley.


Postscript: At the shutting up of this letter, the bearer therof Zacharie Marshal dwelling by Creplegate, travailed by Brunswicke, to whome I gave it in charge.