Letter ID: 0081
Reference: TNA, SP 81/3/65 f.174r-175v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0081/008
Date: 27 April 1585
Note: The bottom half of the final verso also forms the address leaf.



Endorsed: Master Beales notes for master Bodleigh to deale with the D. of Brunswick


The gent that is to bee sent to the Kinge of Denmarke.

If he lande at Embden or Hamburge, to be directed to goe to the Duke of Brunswig with letters and Credite from her Majestie to this effecte.

That wheras her Majestie hathe sondrie tymes heretofore sent to the princes of Germanye, that there might be some good confederacion, union, and intelligence betwene the princes and Estates professinge the christian and reformed religion, to prevent the dessignes of the Councell of Trent, which she hathe a longe tyme forseen and admonished them of, although there hathe not ben suche sucesse, as she could have wished:

Yet seinge th'effectes therof appeare dailye more and more, both by the late accidentes in Germanye, and especially by the Duke of Guises attemptes now in Fraunce:

Her Majestie forseinge the daunger generall, hathe thought good once agayne to admonishe her good Coosins the princes of Germanye therof.

And albeit her Majestie hathe lesse Cause of feare then anie of them have: yet her highnes preferringe the generall Cause above anye particular respect, hathe vouchsafed agayne to sende into those partes:

And for her parte thinckethe it fitt, that there should be some conve- nient place appoynted, (as Erford in Turingia, or some other Citye theraboutes,) in the monethe of Julye next, where there might be some Conference and consultacion had about these Causes, to be summond by the consent of the three Electors: wherto her Majestie mindeth to sende some speciall parson to signifie unto them her meaning more fol.174v
at large: And in the meane time hathe onlie sent a speciall messinger to the Kinge of Denmarke, that he would joyne with her in this action:

And doethe desire her good Coosen and Gossepp the Duke of Brunswig, of his especiall good will towardes the furtheraunce of good glorye, to sende the letters directed to the Electors of Saxon and Brandeburge, and Lantgrave of Hessen, (which she hathe appoynted this Bearer to leave with him), to the same effecte: desiringe him to procure an aunswer from the said Electors and princes, as speedelie as may be, and to sende the same to some speciall place to be agreed on, when yow shalbe in his Courte, eyther at Breme or Hamburge, so as yow maye receyve the same at yowr retorne out of Denmarke, and her Majestie maye be advertised of their determinacion, touchinge some suche assembly as soone as maye be.

The said gent to excuse this maner of sendinge, for that the matter requirethe hast, and her Majestie thinckethe, that her said Coosen and Gossepp the Duke of Brunswig, is best able to deale with the said Electors, in respecte of the alliaunce and frendshipp betwene them, and that in respecte of the greate care which he hathe allwayes shewed to beare to gods Churche, and for his good will towardes her Majestie, he both can and will most commodiouslye parforme the same: and lykewise the said Electors and princes take it in good parte:

The said Duke of Brunswig to be desired by the said messinger; to imparte the Credence or negotiation, to the Duke fol.175r
, the Dukes of Pomer, the Duke of Mechleburg, and other princes, Erles, Cityes, and Estates makinge profession of the Confession of Augusta in those partes, to th'intent they maye joyne in this action of sendinge &c to the assemblye.

And in the meane tyme, that the said princes and Estates, would (as they have don manye tymes heretofore in the Civill warres of Fraunce &c inhibite under greate penalties the levyes of horsemen or footemen to goe into Fraunce or the Lowe Countreyes, to serve anye partie makinge profession of the contrary religion:

And lykewise desiringe them to consider, that these levyes maye be afterwardes employed to the prejudice of the peace of Germanye, and also of the Catholykes them selves, for revenge of some particular quarrells, as Grumbach /did/ against the Bishopp of Wirtzburg.

To praye them also to have a care /and to take order/ that seinge (god be thancked) the late controversies about matters of religion are well appeased, to take order that the ministers and preachers in their jurisdictions, be not suffred by sermons, wrytinges, or bookes, to refreshe the same quarrells: but rather to exhort the people committed unto their charge, unto peace and unitie &c. fol.175v
The gent that goeth to the Kinges of Denmarke.

That forasmuchas the Duke of Holst his uncle, hathe heretofore served the Kinge of Spaine under the Duke of Alva, and maye leane that waye: that in respect of the common cause of religion, which the said Duke professethe, he would empeache anie sendinge of forces out of his Countreye &c under his said uncle, or anye other from him.

Forasmuchas if anye thinge should fall out with Spayne, the amitie of the Esterlinges would be requisite, to empeache him from corne and shippinge &c: to be considered, whether the princes /well affected in Germany/ might not be dealt with to drawe them to this assembly and the ambassadors to have some credence to deale in the same causes with the Steedes.