Letter ID: 0079
Reference: TNA, SP 81/3/69 f.69r-70v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0079/008
Date: 07 May 1585
Note: The address leaf has been pasted onto the verso of the letter.



Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight, principall Secretarie to her Majestie and of her highnes most honorable privy councell.

Endorsed: 7 May 1585. From M Bodleigh

Right honorable, my humble duty remembred, being newly arrived at Hambrough, and finding opportunitie of convei- aunce, I thought it requisit to advertise your H. that for her Majesties letter to the D. of Holst, because it came but then to my handes, when I was goinge out of London, and that without direction howe I should use it, I stande as yet in dout about the maner of deliverie. For as I am in formed his aboade at this present, is but two daies jorney from this towne: that not to goe to him first, maye be construed amisse, and to goe to him first, for sundrie respectes maye be hurtfull to my service. Howbeit I minde as yet, to take no other course, then my instructi- ons sette me downe: whiche is first to goe to Brunswicke, and then into Denmarche: where I purpose to advise, ether by the kinge to gette it sent with his letter, to suche effect as is behoofull or other wise in returninge to deliver it my self, with some con- venient excuse. Her Majesties letter to the Lant- grave of Hesse, whiche was delivered to Sulker, at our arri- vall heere at Hambrough, I have taken to my self. For in per- usinge my letter and memorials, it is in Cassimires letter, and so sette downe in instruction, that it is commended to the Duke of Brunswicke, to be conveied to the Lantgrave: wheruppon I am required, to procure a speedy answear. For all other matters about the service I am towardes, I can promise no further but my faithfulnes and diligence: wherein I hope in all respectes, both to satisfie her Majestie and your H. expecta- tion. If any thinge happen, wherof yow wishe I were informed, I will take order heere in towne with one Valentine Palmer, a very honest Englishe marchaunt, to convey the letters sent unto me, with all the spede that shall be nedefull. I have learned heere for certaine, that in the countreys heere adjoi- ninge, there are newly levied of horsmen 7800 whiche are already in paye: and because frenche crownes is their paiment, they are thought to be for Fraunce: wherof the Coronels maye be privie, but the common souldiers are ignoraunt. I have seene a note of the Coronels names & their charge, in a letter that came hither, from one not farre from Brunswicke, whiche I have heerein inserted.
Otho Elder Van Plato
Suffrides Elder Van Plato
1500 hors[e]
Caspar van Schonberg for whome his brother Hans Woolfe
van Schonberg
doth serve
Ernest van Mandesle
Antonius Van Lutsenberg
Two of Alles shall bring up


Whiche are in all 7800 horse. And besides it is reported that a Grave or Erle of Westerberg, shall bring up two regiments of footemen. No more of any moment is talked of heere, but that the Bishop of Breame is lately deceased, and as it seemeth, by the multitude very muche lamented. And herewithall I take my humble leave, /of your Ho./ beseching God most earnestly to continewe your welfare, and your honorable estate, with all maner of prosperitie. Hambourgh 1585. Maye 7 after our Englishe account. Your H most humble to commaunde. Tho. Bodley.