Letter ID: 0064
Reference: BL, MS Additional 15552 f.3r-4v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0064/000
Date: 25 November 1595
Note: A later hand has inserted normalised spellings of several words.



Addressed: A Monsieur Monsieur de Sidney chevalier et Gouvernor de la ville de Vlissingen

Later Addition: Bright, Lot 1743. 12 July 1845.

Later Addition: From Lot 91



Later Addition: Sir Thomas Bodley to Sir Robert Dudley Sydney

Sir, the lettre heerwith /letter heerwith/ was sent to me to convey, /convey/ /with/ with which I have no mater to send yow besides, but that the Q. /Queen/ hath written hither, That for her de- mande she will urge it no longer for the present /present/, if so be they will assist her with 30 of their best shippes against the Spanishe preparations, and defray the expenses of her auxiliarie forces, which is but half of the offer which was but made by my Ouverture: and yet It will not be accorded. For we will aske it as a debt by vertu of the Contract, which thei content we ought to keepe as a mater of righte, and a just stipulation, and dare not signifie to the people, that the Queen will dessolve it. And therfor in the end, if any thing be gotten it must com /come/ by the meanes of an other newe Treatie. But for the shipping required they doe promise altogether, to com /come/ well provided. The sending of Deputies, to informe her Majestie at full of the plott /state/ of their affaires, is once againe a foote, and I thinke thei intende /intende/ it out of hand and have signified so muche by a lettre to her Majestie. Heere is no other mater so muche worth as a sheete of paper, for which I leave yow and commend /comend/ yow to Gods good tuition /Tuition/. Hage 28 November 95 /November 1595/ Your L. /Lordships/ at comandement Tho. Bodley