Letter ID: 0461
Reference: TNA, SP 84/49/98 f.98r-99v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0461/000
Date: 14 August 1594
Note: On fol.99r there is a crossed mark in the margin at the wordes 'that the countermaunde had stoode'. The bottom half of the final verso also forms the address leaf.
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To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England

Endorsed: 14 August 1594. Master Bodeleye to my L. Awnswere of your L. lettre of the 3 of August./ with a Copy of the states lettre to Monsieur Caron declaryng ther content to put in order [.] shipp

Later Addition: 14 August 94


May it please your good L. For answear to your lettre of the 3 of this present, I can signifie no more of the states preparation, then I have done already. They have alwaies complained, and so they doe yet, that they are not made acquainted with her Highnes resolutions, knowing no- thing yet for certaine of the troupes that shall be sent, of the number of her shippes, of the time and place of their meeting or ether needefull particularities. Nevertheles in regard of their desire to second that service, and that they may not be blamed for any backwardnesse heere, they have already ordained, as I writte unto your L. the 7 of this moneth, that of 10 of their best and greatest shippes, ether all or some part shall repaire unto the downes, as- soone as they are armed: but yet I am persuaded, un- les the certaintie be greater of her Majesties proceedinges, then appeereth yet unto them, they will but temporise at home, and as I may conjecture, will not willingly be the first, that shall sette their shippes to sea. Master Caron, as I am privatly informed, hath done them to witte, that 14 of her shippes are dispatched towardes Plimmoth, but yet for ought I can perceave, they are very litle sturred, with that advertisment from him, doubting as I doe suspect, that it is but given out to tolle them faster forward: which per- haps they thinke the rather, because nothing is written of those shippes unto me: although I had your lettre by their Agents conveiance, and it was dated as lately as his. It was my suite unto your L. in all my former letters, that for the better perfourmance of my charge, and to satisfie the states in that which they require, I might have knowen expressely, and directly, aswell what forces her Highnes inten- ded, for her part, to fournishe to this voiage, as what she doth expect, should be done by them heere: or in case that nothing were determined, to insinuat yet somwhat, wherewith I might be able, to intertaine them heere the while. Howbeit your L. knoweth, that from the time that I parted from home, till this time, I had never any answear to any point that I proposed. Onely by your lettre of the 7 of July I was enjoined to recommend unto the states those par- ticular demaundes which were delivered Master Caron, but it was not signified to me, what those demandes might import. fol.98v
Uppon occasion wherof I am humbly to beseeche, that in these affaires of her Majestie I may alwaies be instructed, both precisely and by writing, to what effect I shall nego- tiat, and that I may not be referred to knowe my message of them, with whome I should negotiat. For to be plaine in this case, they doe very muche mervaile, and speake of it often, to see me left so long heere without any information, especially in these maters, that are of suche consequence, and for which I was sent expressely to them. They tell me also roundly, that considering I am present, it is not their order to take the onely notice of suche messages from their Agent, and upon his report, to deale with their Provinces, but thei must be recommended, as desired from her Majestie by her letters unto them, or by me that am her servant, and pur- posely imploied: and in effect, it will be hard for her Highnes to be served as she would be, if there be not more care of her ministers credit. I will not amplifie this point, because your L. in your wisedome doth knowe what is meete, and will pardon me a litle, that I speake with some plai- nesse, when I feele my self encombred with the bourden of my service, for want of due information. They have deli- vered unto me a transcript of her Majesties demaundes, in which I doe not doubt, but they deale with all sinceritie in delivering me the right demaundes: but yet I have reason to be scrupulous, howe farre I should give credit to that which they exhibit, where thinges are not specified to me in my lettres. For I see very nowe that in these demaundes, confer- ring some pointes with your L. lettre, there is apparant va- rance. For where your L. doth certifie that there were 12 shippes at the lest required of them, there are but 10 sette downe in writing, and likewise for the place of their Rendez vous, it is to them assigned to be at Dover, or the downes, where your L. declareth, that they are looked for at Portesmouth. I have sent yow heereinclosed a copie of those demaundes, as I receaved them heere of them. Moreover, I was in some doubt, as I writte unto your L. whether they stoode still in force, because there folowed a present countermaunde, which though yow shewe to have bin frustrat, by her Highnes approbation of Master Carons diligence, in making his dispute upon the first motion, yet that was fol.99r
more then I was informed or then the states at that time would seeme to understand. What their answear was heere to every point a part, I advertised your L. the 21 of the last, and I did it as becommed, with a faithfull relation, being ready upon my perill, to justifie every worde with the testimonie of the states. And where your L. alleageth, that they had written to Master Caron the 29 of July, of their readiness at that time, to send away their shippes, without making any mention of doubt, or delay, I have for mine owne discharge expostulated with them, for answearing me in one sort, and their Agent in an other: but they cleered the mater presently, declaring unto me, that their maner was to deale honestly and not doubblely, and so they had in that mater, shewing me for my better satisfaction the copie of their letter sent to Master Caron the 29 of July, which I have caused to be translated, and sent it heere unto your L. wherein, howsoever Master Caron did explicat their meaning, there is no suche promise made, that they would send their succors out of hand: and so it will appeere by the issue of their dealing. And as touching those doubtes, which they mo- ved unto me, upon her Highnes demaundes, thei were onely suche as passed by way of communication between them and me, and were not happely sette downe in that letter to their Agent, because they were not accepted as autenticall de- maundes, Master Caron not knowing, nether at that time that he writte his letter, nor in a good time /after/ as he hath signified sins, but that the countermaunde had stoode. I have moved them for 30 last of powder, as your L. desired to have, but the De- puties of Holland, who are chief in this action, being absent from the Hage, the rest put of their answear, till all come together. I doe wonder very muche, that the taking of Groeninghen came so lately to your L. For the agreement was made the 11 of July, wherof the newes comming hither the 14 which was assoone as was possible Master Gilpin and I dispat- ched presently a post, by whome he writte unto your L. and I to Sr Robert Cecill, having otherwise then occasion to send him a letter of the states, in answear to one that was sent hther from her Majestie and consigned by him, to be delivered by me: wherewith, as also of with that occurrence of Groeninghen, I did assure my self, that he would acqaint your L. fol.99v
The post, by whome our lettres were sent, to the end he might prevent all other messengers, albeit the winde was very contrarie, hired purposely a passadge for yarthmouth and was the first as he affirmeth, and I doe otherwise understand that brought the tidinges into England. And by him it was undoubtedly that my L. of Essex might knowe the certaintie, and not before: unles that some body by pre- sumption, had written the newes before it was true. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. August 14 1594. Your L. most humble at commaundement. Tho. Bodley