Letter ID: 0447
Reference: TNA, SP 84/49/5 f.5r-7v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0447/000
Date: 07 July 1594
Note: From fol.5v, the text then jumps to fol.8r, and then back to fol.6v. This is a draft annotated by Burghley.
Copy of: 0040


Endorsed: 7 Julij 1594 Master to Master Bodley from my L.

Later Addition: 7 July 94


Sir. I have acquainted her Majestie withall suche lettres as I have receaved from yow, who doth allowe very well the cowrse of your procedings since your departure, and althoughe th'occasion of this lettre hathe his dependancie uppon your former Instruccions, to negociat with Thestates for some support of shipping and municion towardes the accion of Brittany, wherin her Majesty was ingaged before your departure, yet forasmuchas some thing hath passed in particuler since your departure which is fytt for yow to knowe. I have thought good both to acquaynt yow with the same, and what her majesties pleasure is yow should do in regard therof. Her mayestie being advertised of the strength of the K. of Spain forces in Bryttany: besides the Conjunction of the Leaguers /of that servyce/ of his great preparacion of shipping only intended for to /possess/ Brest Haven where he hath /on the on syde of the haven/ already buylt himselfe a fort wherin he spareth no charge to procede and fynding that without a great Force his deseigne cannot be altred, and that force /is/ to be /used/ both by sea and land, shee /wheruppon hir Majesty/ sent expressely Sir Roger Williams to the French K. after his returne /lately made/ from Brest, to acquaint him with the state of that place, and to let him knowe fol.5v
that her mayjestie perceaving the immynent danger by the losse of that haven, and forseing howe litle advantage any other place in Bryttany wylbe if that be lost, to dyd make him to the K. this proposicion, that if he would resolve to send downe such an Armye by land of horse and foote as being increased with suche forces as she could convenyently spare, might be able to master the /ennemy in the/ feild and lykelye to recover that fort, without the which small frute wyll aryse of any /the/ accion taken in hand, that then shee would send a convenient proporcion of shipping to encounter any /impeach the/ Fleet of the K. of Spain and would increase her numbers there already /on land/ in convenient proporcion. To all this the K. /hath/ made answere that he wyll send the D. Montpensier with 2000 foote and 1000 horse out of Normandy with the addicion of those forces which be allready in Bryttany which aryse in his account to [iijee] or [iiijee] thousand foot men more, with /and some 600 horss./ Of all which nombers althoughe her mayestie sees no reasone, to believe that any great thing can be done, yet is shee resolved to enter into some cowrse howe to obvyat this vyolent purpose, and nowe /resorting to/ expecting the parfourmance /remembrance/ of /many/ offers made by the fol.8r
states longe since to second her mayestie for the service in britayn in a very large proporcion even as by many lettres of their owne it hathe appeared with one halfe of whatsoever shee /her Majesty/ should imploye /her Majesty/ hath particulerly dealt with Monsieur Caron there agent even by her owne mouthe, speedely and seriousely to move the states to put their helping hand /with as much force as they may by sea and with other helpes of munition to serve to recover the sayd fort/ to this affaire of such importance, which motion her pleasure is yow should recomend as a matter newly nowe agayne revyved to yow and that yow do also acquaint the states that the Q. /Majesty/ dothe and wylle expect /present/ answere to those demaundes which by their Agent shee hath made them also directed to be by hym comunicated to them / fol.6r
I have moved the Q. ernestly for your Retourne but her Majesty considering that uppon the finishing of the Matter of Groninghen /on way or other/ there wyll fall owt some Negoti- ation /between her and the/ states her Majesty is pleased that you do first parceave some answer to these her Majesties propo- sitions and after signify your proceeding, /in all things/ without returning untill her Majesties pleasure be further knowen. Yow are to deale with the states, that what nombers of shippinge and men, and with what quantitie of munytion they wyll assist this service of Brittayne the same may without delay be put in execucion. For her Mayestie hathe already sent to Sir John Norreis with all his power already by land to Brest and hath also sent certen her shippes of warr to discover the state of Brest haven. and therfore if the states shall seriously mynd the good of this service by there ayd, the same wyll do no good if it should be delayed.