Letter ID: 0018
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.38r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0018/000
Date: 10 March 1593



Endorsed: To my L. of Essex. March 10 1592



Later Addition: 1593 stilo Romano 10 March To my L. of Essex

May it please your good L. Your lettre of the 15 of Feb[ruary .] three daies past, with one to Monsieur Buzenval, in which the in[.] the D. of Bouillon was sent away presently. To that [.] your L. written to my self, I know not how to answer [.] expresse, as I desire, the fulnesse of my acknowledgment [.] honorable kindnesse. For that which I have longed to p[.] by my service, your L. hath presented before my service [.] seeme: /[shewed]/ which you vouchsafe in your lettre to title your fr[.] wherof I know I am not worthy, but I will honour [.] termes of your favour and affection, which I hope I may [.] to deserve in some me/a/sure. But to say with what g[.] I doe embrace it in my minde, it were to comber yo[ur L.] with a multitude of wordes, and yet to notifie but litle [.] inward accep/ta/tion. For which I see no better way, then [.] any complements in a dutifull and common and plaine kin[.] maner, to give your L. humble thankes, and to put y[.] assurance by an honest faithfull promise, that as your fa[.] very special to a man as yet unknowen, and of no des[.] you, so my care shall be singular, to make my than[.] appeare, and that in every good occacion, and by the effectes service, that the qualitie of my state may yelde to yo[.] Presuming that your L. may be willing now and the[n to] know the occurences of these contreis, as any thing s[.] that is worthy the relating, I will allwaies be careful[l to] impart it unto you. Heere is nothing now in [.] by reason of the season, which is yet in these Provinces [.] for any enterprise. But I suppose their first [.] will be upon Gertrudenbergh, by way of blocking [.] as advantage shall be given in the cariage of the En[emie.] For wee have notice out of Brabant, that they are [.] muche busied in preparing against us: but whether it [.] to impeache our designes, or to assaile us in some p[.] we can not yet conjecture. Your L. shall have kno[wledge] both of that and of all that shall passe of any moment while my imploiment doth continue: For which I will not as nowe be more troublesome unto you, but take my humble leave [.] From the Hage. March 10 1592.