Letter ID: 0014
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.30r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0014/000
Date: 28 March 1593
Note: This scribal letter features words inset by Bodley into the text, where it appears gaps have been left by the [inexperienced?] scribe.

Endorsed: To Sir Edw. Nor March 28 1593



Later Addition: To Sir Edward Norris 1593

Sir I have moved youer suites to the Councell of est[ate who] are are verye well pleased that Sir John Poleis Cornet [.] sent unto you: but beinge at this present before [Gertru] denberg/ch/ and the enemie expected to releive the town[e they] neither finde it do to fitt to diminishe their forces [.] otherwyse but weake: and thoughe the shoulde, they [.] that Co Maurice will not licence their departure. How[beit] they have willingly assented that /with/ the firste opportuni[tie] /accomplysh/ youer desire: to which purpose in like maner I w[.] required from my Lordes of the councell to urge [.] verye earnestly. They have taken the fort before the [.] gertrudenbergh and in every mans opinion, yf the ene[mie] make not haste, nor wheather he doe, or no, they are lik[e to] carie it. Theare weare were within 120 souldier[.] Burgundians who abidd a few shotte and presently be[.] /[.]/ surrendred the place and went towardes Antweerp [with] their armes and baggage. As touching that w[hich you] requeste to have better commoditie for the lodginge of [.] souldiers, the councell heere hath written both to yo[ue and] to the magistrates, aswell to knowe in what maner, the [.] provided at this present as to signifie your advise [.] conerning further order uppon returne of you[.] I will followe the matter till I bringe it to effect [In] the meane while and ever I am youers to commaunde Hage the 28 March 1593