Letter ID: 1122
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.129r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1122/000
Date: 07 April 1592
Copy of: 0385



Later Addition: Lord Treasurer

May it please your good L. Wheras an extraordinary contribution of 90000 pound sterling hath bin required of the Provinces, it falleth out among the Deputies in conferring theyr commissions, that onely Zeland ys unwilling not resolving to contribute but after the rate of 50000li sterling Howbeyt there is alredy order taken, that Count Maurice with certain of the States assembly & of the Councel shall presently into Zeland to parswade them to concurre with the rest of the Provinces. Since the writing of my last the 1 of this moneth I have bin in communication with divers of the State & with Barnevelt in speciall, who I thought above the rest, for displeasing the Count would not favor that motion for sending succors into France, but I finde him as forward as I could desire. Al his dout is of the meanes to bring it well to passe with every Provinces contentation But I told him again & he seemed to assent, that if the motion be embrased, by those that are deputed to the Gouverment of the State, there ys no hardnes in winning the peoples good liking, This talk I had with him by way of discourse, & not as charged to parsuade yt; albeyt I could parceave that Master Buzenval had bin with him & told him my designe, as I feare in conversation with the people of this countrey he doth many more bad offices, in seconding such humors, as are not well affected to her Majesties proceedinges. The states have bin in conference about the matters of Britain, & are half determined to send unto her Majesty: to the French King & to the Towne of Rochel, that by common advise some plot may be devised for freeing that coast in regard of theyr traffique & for offending the Ennemy, which is setled there already but as yet they have not taken any final resolution differing til Count Maurice be returned out of Zeland who departeth to morrow & comes againe as wee suppose within these 8 daies at the furthest. In the meane season it is agreed by provision, that for the assurance of theyr marchantes, there shalbe 12 ships of warr sent thether out of hand. fol.129v
In the matters depending between the states & the ma[[rchants]] adventurers I have traveled what I can to bring th[[em to]] accord, but heer they stand stifly to the equity of theyr p[[laccartes]] & have framed an answere to her Majesties lettres, which I ha[[ve]] consigned to the Gouvernor of the Company, from whom h[[er]] Highnes lettres were sent unto mee hether, Sins theyr an[[swer]] was made I have moved them earnestly to grow to s[[ome]] accord by communication of Committees to be chosen on bo[[the]] sides, & while they are in conference to let theyr trafficke have his course taking notes of such tares as shalbe made on our cloathes for which they shall have allowance according to the order wherin they shall resolve.

How neer they wilbe brought to condescend to this [[demande]] I cannot yet advertise. For they seeme to wholy [[not]] dislike it & yet they caste many doutes to put it of for [[this]] present. I should but trouble your L. to discourse [[unto]] you all that hath passed in our conference, so much as [[is]] requesit I have written to the Companies at London & Midelborough. I send your L. heerwith a translation of the Answer which was made unto the Emparors Ambass[[ador]] which I think notwithstanding shalbee sent to her Ma[[jesty]] by the States themselves, & so I take my humble leave Hage. April 7 1592.