Letter ID: 0625
Reference: TNA, SP 12/242/118 f.210r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0625/000
Date: 26 August 1592


26 August 1592 Memorial of hir Majesties Lettre to Master Bodely for the sending of a Band of Horse.

Trusty &c. Since owr Last Lettre unto yow for the speedy sending away of the xvj Bandes of Footmen into Fraunce which with other numbers shall make 4000 footmen in Britaigne: we have thought it very necessary to have to serve with so many footmen, at the least one band of C horsemen, to be sent also thither for necessary service, succor of owr saide footmen, & therfor have determined that either Sir John Pooley, or Sir Nicholas Parker, wherof either of them have in charge, & paie C horsemen, shall with one of their bandes, or with so many, as shall make a band of C passe over into Fraunce with the said footmen, or assoone after as they can: And bycause we are not certaine how those two have theis bandes furnished to be ready for this service, although we think neither of them can alledg any reasonable cause of their want: we will & Commaund yow to send for them both speedely unto yow, & impart this owr determinacion unto them, & charge them in owr name, that one of the[m] do prepare their band being in charge of C saving the allowaunce of their dead pay, to passe over unto Fraunce, as owr Footmen are appointed with the said number of C horsemen. And if it should so fall out (which we should have cause greatly to mislike) that neither of them alone can be able to furnish the said full number then rather then the serrvice should not be parformed, we will yow in owr name to Commaund any one of them two to passe over with such number as any of them have, & can carry out of that Country, & that the other of the said two Captaines that shall not take this journey shall deliver to him, that shall go in the same so many of his band, as shall sufficiently furnished with horse, & Armor to make up the full number of C, saving the dead paies to serve with him, as yow shall upon good Consideracion find the meetest man to be commaunded in owr name And this owr determinacion yow shall deliver to them both by speech in owr name, & also by shewing to them this owr Commaundment in writing, as if any of them both shall refuse, or delay the execucion of this service yow shall declare unto them, that the party refusing shalbe for ever put out of owr wages, & incurre owr further displeasure according to the quality of fol.210v
their offence./ And for the nominacion, & election of the party of these two, whom yow shall think meet to take the charge upon him yow may use the advise of Sir Frauncis Vere, if conveniently without delay of time yow may receive his opinion thereupon.