Letter ID: 0385
Reference: TNA, SP 84/44/212 f.209r-210v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0385/000
Date: 07 April 1592
Note: At the first marginal annotation on fol.209r, there are three vertical lines in the margin.
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Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: Vij April 1592 Master Bodeleie to my L./. Barnevelt allowinge of his motion for forces to be sent into France. 12 Ships to be sent on the Cost of Britaigne. Merchantes Adventurers.

Later Addition: 7 April 92


May it please your good L. Wheras an extraor- dinarie contribution, of ninetie thousand pounde sterling, hath bin required of the Provinces, it fal- leth out among the Deputies, in conferring their commissions, that onely Zeland is unwilling, not resolving to contribut, but after the rate of five- tie thousand pounde sterling. Howbeit there is already order taken, that Count Maurice with certaine of the states assemblie, and of the Councell, shall presently into Zeland, to persuade them to con- curre with the rest of the Provinces. Sins the writing of my last the 1 of this moneth, I have bin in communication with divers of the state, and with Barnevelt in speciall, who I thought [In margin: Barneveltes allowance of his motion for France.]
above the rest, for displeasing the Count, would not favor that motion, for sending succors into France. But I finde him as forward, as I could desire. All his doubt is of the meanes, to bring it well to passe, with every Provinces contentacion. But I told him againe, and he seemed to assent, that if the motion be embraced, by those that are deputed to the government of the state, there is no hardnes in winning the peoples good liking. This talke I had with him by way of discourse, and not as charged to persuade it: albeit I could perceave, that Master Buzenval had bin with [In margin: Buzenvals backwardnes.]
him, and told him my designe: as I feare in conversation with the people of this contrey, he doth many more badde offices, in seconding suche humors, as are not well affected to her Majesties proceedinges.

The states have bin in conference about the maters of Britaine, and are half determined to [In margin: Britaigne.]
send unto her Majestie to the French Kinge , and to the towne of Rochel, that by common advise some plotte may be devised, for freeing that coast in regard of their trafficke, and for offending the Enemie, which is setled fol.209v
there already: but as yet they have not taken any final resolution, differring till Count Maurice be returned out of Zeland, who departeth to mo- rowe, and comes againe, as we suppose, within these 8 daies at the furthest. In the meane season it is agreed by provision, that for the assurance of their marchants, there shall be 12 shippes of warre sent thither, out of hande. In the maters de- [In margin: Marchantes Adventurers.]
pending between the states and the marchants Adven- turers, I have travelled what I can, to bring them to accord: but heere they stand stiffely to the equitie of their Placcartes, and have framed an answear to her Majesties letters, which I have consigned to the Gover- nor of the Company, from whome her Highnes lettres were sent unto me hither. Sins their answear was made, I have moved them earnestly, to growe to some accorde by communications of committies, to be chosen on bothe sides, and while they are in confe- rence, to lette their trafficke have his course, ta- king notes of suche tares, as shall be made in our clothes, for which they shall have allowance, according to that order, wheron they shall resolve. Howe neere they will be brought, to condescend to this demande, I can not yet advertise. For they seeme not wholy to dislike it, and yet they cast many doubtes, to /put/ it of for this present. I should but trouble your L. to discourse unto yow all, that hath passed in our conference. So muche as is re- quisit, I have written to the companies at London, and Middelbourgh. I send your L. heer- with a translated copie of the answear, which was made unto the Emperors Ambassador, which I thinke notwith- standing will be sent to her Majestie by the states themselves. And so I take my humble leave. Hage April 7 1592. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley