Letter ID: 1018
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.108r-109v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1018/000
Date: 10 March 1591
Note: On fol.108r there is the signature 'R'.



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 stil Romano 20 March to my L Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March:

May it please your good L. your letters of the 13 22 and 25 of Februarie were delivered unto mee the 4 & 5th of this moneth, and now by Sir John Norreis who arrived at the Hage the 7th daie at night, I receaved one from her Majesty of the 1 and an other from your L. of the second of this present and also a third of the 23 of February which I have receaved in good sort withall the writinges thereinclosed of which your letters make mention. and first I am delivered of a combersome care, to see her Majesties good liking to concurre with my proceeding in the staie of the Companies. for although I were assured having thorowlie consydered the condition of this state, and the bent of the people, that I had taken at that exigent an apparant good course, for the advancement of her service, yet I feared now, & then, least her Highnes might be willing for some secret intention to have the companies disbanded. But now that I am comforted with her gratious approbation as well of this, as in generall of all my services in this place, I am to entreat your L. with all humble earnestnes to continew your wonted favor in gracing my proceedinges, and to signify for mee to her Majesty, that although my devotion bee alredy in that degree, that it cannot be augmented yet if either industry and care, or other endevor whatsoever /may/ make it more eminent, there shalbee nothing heer omitted, that may redound in any sort to her princely content. And for aunswere to such pointes, as her Highnes hath vouchesafed to commit unto my charge, I have laboured very earnestly to finde the reason of those advertisementes, of the meeting towardes in the towne of Utrecht, and of the entercowrse of trafficq with Dunkerk & Newport. But if it bee possible for mee, by being heer in place, and observing their actions and judging somewhat of my self by common cowrse of discretion, to conject arighte of those occurences, it is either a practise of the Ennemy to occasion a breach between her Hignes and the States, or els a meer imagination of some weak intelligence. For I see not so much as the smallest apparance, to suppose it to be trew. first for Utrecht fol.108v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March

though I hold it assured, that 3 partes of the inhabitantes [.] are more ill affected in the cause of religion, or not at all affected to any manner of religion: & besides a headstro[ng] people & mutinous, & naturallie subject to desire innovation yet when all is well weighed I see no cause to imagine that they will fall from the union. Again it is not possible as the forme of this government is composed, that either those that are named of the Ennemies country, or any that are heer of the assembly of the States, should resort to such a place but it must bee notified all abroad. And as for that which is reported of the accord upon traffique, it carieth no conformity with those courses, that are held by Holland & Zeland: nor there is no meanes in this state, to contrive a matter of that moment, without the privity of many, & the notice of this Councell. And at this very present the States of Zeland ar sutors heer, that the sauvegarde of Flandres may be wholie revoked, no contribution receaved of the Boores, but every part of the Countrey, that hath bin lately possessed, to be reputed as Ennemy. For which they present that since that Province was brought in contribution multitudes of Fleminges which were wont to dwell in Zeland are retourned into Flandres, wherby their state is decaied both in nombers of Inhabitantes & in wealth, & not so able as before, to beare the burden of their charge. but the Councel unwilling to favor their motion, because they do acchount it [an] uncharitable act, & it would bee prejudiciall to their good in other places. In effect I am parsuaded that neither of those reportes hath any manner of good ground. Howbeit if [it] should so fall out, as her Highnes is informed, I will not fail to be as vigilant, as is possible for mee, both in venting their dessires, & in making the remonstrance that her Majesty hath prescrbed. And likewise for the project th[at your] L. hath sent, when any occasion shalbee for it, it [shall be] proposed as I am charged by her Highnes & your L. [.] downe. But wee have heard no more of late of the[.] commissioners: which putteth manye men in dout, that the [.] yet in Brabant. And as it seemeth by some letters [.] fol.109r

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March:

have lately intercepted, by secret advertisementes from the Ennemies Contrey, & by sondry good tokens, they are wholy out of hope of inducing this people to a treaty of peace. It is thought in that behalf that their lettre to the Emperor hath don a great deale of good, And for my self I am resolved, that both their state was never better, in respect of their wealth to continew their warre, nor the people lesse enclined to accord with the ennemy. My onely dout was of late, which was also the feare of the best of these countreys, that Sir John Norreis coming hether for so many Companies, and the people heer imagining, that it tended to no other, but to withdraw her Highnes succors for altogether, they might chaunce upon the soddain the motion of peace being then sett on foote, to take some sinister cowrse to the ruin of their state. Howbeit this occasion of feare is wholy now surceased, & the people highly pleased, that her Majesties demand is framed to theyr mindes, as I think they will acknowledge in return of theyr answere, which we expect every houre. And as for those that are deputed to negotiate this peace, they will not hazard to come hether without a passport from the States, which I am very well assured they shall never obtain. And if upon refusall they shall offer to publish theyr message in writing, I will follow your L. order proposed in the project, and as much as may be requisit, aswell for observing the meetest occasions, as for every other circumstance I hope shall accomplish to such effect as you desire. An opportunity serving for this bearer to departe & her Majesty expecting an expedite answear, I thought it best to dispatch him, with as much as doth partain to her principall affaires: and for the rest of those pointes wherin my service is required, my next after this shall advertise at full. I have heerwith sent a lettre written to her Majesty from the D. of Florence, which was delivered heer unto mee, by the post of the merchantes of these countryes fol.108v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March.

Endorsed: To my L. Treasurer March 10 1590

that goeth wekely for Germany. Hee was lately taken in his waie and rifled by certain frebuting souldiers, either of Berghen, or of Diest: who as hee complaineth in serching for mony and lettres of exchange, opened divers of his pacquetes & lettres, and amongest the rest this lettre to her Majesty, which becaus hee knew not among many, with which of his pacquetes it was consigned, hee brought it heer to mee so unsealed as I send it, together with the copie which was also displaced and found with other writinges. As farr as I can conjecture the letter was addressed to some Italian of London, as happely your L. will know by enquirie. And so I take &c. March 10 1590./