Letter ID: 1001
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.69r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1001/000
Date: 10 February 1591



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 stilo Romano 10 February Master Bodly

Later Addition: Belgia 1591. February

Sir. itt hathe plesed my Lo president as yow fortold mee to have met here to fynishe his businesses, which must have great hellp from yow or ells I am afrayd thay will not proceed so as is expected by her Majestie, in consideration wherof I bessech yow that yow will as soon as yow can send your opinion for Sir Thomas Baskervyle, and Sir Edmond Uvdall how far yow think my Lo presidents commission made unto them by vertew of that which hir Majestie gave him, may warrant them for the bringing forthe of there cumpanies out of Breda, wherof thay mak for the dout bycause they have not seen his, which was not bycause hee woold not show itt them, but bycause thay were not att Vlishinge whan hee made itt, but was faine to hav itt with the Leutenant governor of the town to bee first unto them: thay will take knoledge therof from yow bycause thay know that yow have seen itt; And the commission being graced by your good advyce I know will effect more in the hands of men of there qualitye than in any others of meaner place. [yo]

Your letters to him, and all the rest that come out of Ingland I have opened as hee left order with mee that I shoold; by them out of Ingland I fynd that the jorney as is [mutch] hastned, and by yours that there will bee great difficultie in the dispatches from heer, notwithstanding considering the importance therof itt is hoped that yow will do your best to the advancement thereof, which I will still bee bolld to crave from yow as I shall have cause, and bessech [.] yow think my service or indevor may do any thing therin that yow will command itt; And for if ytt will please yow to have any thing with mee if yow send your letters to the Inglishe howse in Middleborow, for to the host therof thay shall bee presently sent mee to Berghen where I mean to remayne for 4 or 5 days and than to return hether, in hope by that to have more absolute order out of Ingland for all thinges. And so Commending my service unto yow I leve yow in hast. Middleborg the 10th of february 1590 Your very loving frend to Command. Anthony Wingfielde.