Letter ID: 0581
Reference: TNA, PC 2/18/394
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0581/000
Date: 11 July 1591
Note: There are pen checking marks in the left hand margin.
Copy of: 1057


A lettre to Master Thomas Bodley Whereas the Estates generall of the United provinces have written of late a verie sharpe and soure lettre, to her Majestie and us against Sir Edward Norreys governor of Ostend charging him with taking (of his owne aucthoritie) their contribucions, and that he doth dispose at his pleasure of those publick Revenues, and graunt licences and saveguardes to the villages towardes Flandres whereby of his privat aucthoritie, he douth rayse contribucion and doth furnish the Enemy by that meanes of victuels Likewise he dothe disobaie the Comaundementes of the said Estates, of whom he receaved the goverment of the said Towne being there unto bound by oath and therefore the doe require speedie Redresse of these thinges, otherwise they doe protest & signifie their minde and porpose to remove him from that Charge and goverment Although Sir Edward Norries:/ havyng some intelligence of their Conceaved displeasure afore hand, and of late also having receaved like sharpe lettres from the States hath by his lettres assured us of the untruthe of this Charge and accusacon, and for his better excuse and Justifieng hath sent unto them from Ostend a Comyssiary of their owne to satisfie them in all those pointes, Neverthes her Majesties pleasure is (for the further Justificacion and clearing of the gent that you shall lett the States generall understand of his avowinge that these are untruthe where with he is charged and that those Contribucons which Sir Edward is charged to have receaved came not to his owne handes But being such as were appointed for the fortefieng of the Towne, and maintenance of necessarie reparacons of the breaches against the sea were receaved by suche as are appointed Officers for that purpose: and employed by their discretions to so needfull ause. And where they finde them selves agreaved that he hath not sent suche Companies unto them as they have requi- red, he could not parforme their request at the tyme required putting the Towne in daunger being aplace that was greately threatened by the Enemy and yet he hath retorned such as was extraordinarilie of late sent to him when he feared the accesse of the Enemy Therefor if the shall not rest satisfied with the aunsweres of Sir Edward Norries now at the Coming of the said Comissarie you maie move them (for the better manifestacion of those matters) to send some one appointed by them, with whom master Gilpinmaie also be sent (as directed from thence) and they two together maie examine indifferently and particulerly those matters where with Sir Edward standeth charged, uppon whose reporte we hope the estates shalbe so satisfied with the proceeading of the gentlemen, that they will continew that wonted favor and good will towards him which hither to they have: borne unto him And because you maie be the better hable to aunswere all the objections, and matters they have to charge him withall, you shall by vertue hereof send to Sir Edward Norris to be particulerly enformed of him of all those pointes whichhich we leave to yoour discreation so to handele this matter, as maie best serve for the furtherance of her Majesties service, and clearing of the gent being not unknowne unto you that this their conceaved displeasure and quarill doth spring from some other Roote as we doubt not but you can well diserne that the states of Zealande are very loath, to see the Towne of Ostend to grow to any assurance; to have trade either of fishing or other otherwise in marchandise./