Letter ID: 0913
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.106r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0913/000
Date: 07 April 1590
Note: Instructions. Only the superscription survives of the address leaf, and is pasted onto a new folio.



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: March

Later Addition: Belgia. 1590 7 April To Master Bodly

After our harty Commendacions: Whereas we doe understand by Lettres from Sir John Conwaie knight that the Estates doe require some one Companie to be sent unto them from the Garrison of Ostend, besydes [two] Companies that ar alreadie at the Campe, which Consideringe howe the towne is at this time invyroned with the Enemie and sondry Sconces on every syde, cannot be spared at this present without the endaungeringe of that place: We have thought good therfore that you shall move the Estates to forbeare to drawe anie further Companies out of Ostend, consideringe the weake estate of the towne, and there are alreadie three bandes wantinge of the Companies that should be there; Besydes as they knowe the towne is at this present, envy- roned with the Enemies forces and with sondry scones on every syde as yt behoveth them to stand upon their watchfull gard, and those Companies which are nowe there, are with the lest to serve for the Defence of that place and to maintaine the ordinary wardes and watches: For which respect we doubt not but they wilbe Contented to forbeare the assystaunce they have demaunded of Sir John Conwaye and to supply the same some other waies where they maie best be spared: Soe prayinge you to Deale with them to this effect in the best manner you shalbe able for theire better satisfaccion, we byd you hartely farewell: From the Court at Greenewyche the vijth of Aprill 1590 Your Loving Freindes Christopher Hatton: Cancellor William Burghley Cobham Thomas Buckehurst John Wolley John Fortescue.

Later Addition: Master Bodley.