Letter ID: 0241
Reference: TNA, SP 84/37/145 f.150r-151v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0241/000
Date: 12 May 1590
Copies: 0924



Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England

Endorsed: 12 May 1590 Master Bodeleye to my L./

Later Addition: 12 May 90


It may please your L. to be advertised, that sins the writing of my last, whiche I sent to your L. the 9 of this moneth, we have had no intelligence from the Camp, whiche came before Nieumeghen the 5 of this present, but that they can not fortifie, as they would, for want of pioners and labouring men. The states of Guelderland should have taken that charge uppon them, but it hath bin so neglected, as we stand in some dout, it will bring that enterprise to nothing. Sins the losse of Berke that Province hath proceeded very coldly in all affaires with the rest of the Provinces. For whiche it hath bin feared, as it is at this instant, that if it speed not well with the Frenche King, there will be some treaty between them and the Enemie. Because it is pretended in that last letter, whiche was sent from the Gene- ral states to my LL. of the Councel, that bothe her Majestie and my LL. receave the informations of mens proceedinges in these contreis, from passi- onat persons and ignorant of their estate, I have heerwith sent your L. the copie of a remonstrance or forme of complaint, whiche was projected heere in Councel, at the very same time, as I lastly dealt with the states. For as I have alwaies signi- fied, this councel of state hath ever complai- ned of hard measure in the General states for usurping their autoritie. Howbeit they have passed it with patience, till nowe that it came to so great a contempt, as they might not with their credits, and their othes to the state, support it any longer. Wherupon they made choise of a principal person, to sett downe the forsaid remonstrance in their behalfes: fol.150v
whiche your L. will finde in substance to be con- sonant with mine, though nether party was privy to others allegations. And wheras they object that her Majestie is ill informed, it is but a bare assertion, devised only to darken and obscure an apparant mater. For if they should meane those informations, which have come by my letters, I doe assure your L. for mine owne part, that I can not be more carefull then I have bin, and will be, to advertise nothing for certaine, unles I knowe it to be certaine, and whatsoever is dout- full, to report it thereafter. For the avoyding of offence, whiche some perhaps might take, upon the divulging of a mater of Councel, I am to re- quest your L. that it may not any way be noti- fied, that yow have receaved this writing from me. The bruite goeth heere for cer- taine that the D. de Maine hath bin of late at Cam- bray, to deale with Monsieur Balligny the Governor there, about reducing that towne to the Spaniardes possession, whiche hath bin also solicited with special instance by those of Artois and Hennault. But it is said that he failed of his purpose, and de- parted from thens to Perone deepely discontented. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. May 12. 90 Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley